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SORRY BHAI - Indigestive plot with only saving grace, the performances. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

30 Nov, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

Firstly, after “Bas Ek Pal” this is another movie from director Onir, with its inspiration from the West. The plot is quite similar to “Dan In Real Life” (2007) and it is too bold and a strange choice of topic by the director

Secondly, the story is indigestive and unacceptable both in our part of the world and in the West too. Because still the viewers haven’t gone broadminded to this extent that they can accept such kind of story all in the name of LOVE & EMOTIONS

Thirdly, even in this controversial plot there are performances worth watching and worth praising but they all may go un-noticed due to the non availability of viewers

About the story, think about a younger brother falling in love with the fiancée of his elder brother, just before 5 days of their marriage. Then as the marriage gets postponed for few days, they cannot resist, make love to each other in a garment store’s changing room. After knowing the truth the mother of the boys strangely allows the couple to have a live in relationship leaving the elder brother alone

This is not out of the box thinking or innovation of any kind. In my opinion this is simply wrong choice of plot and looks like deliberately chosen to create a controversy and get the extra attention

And the most debatable part is the climax and the solution given to the unexpected problem. It looks like Onir was not able to decide how to end this unconventional plot and he settled with whatever he could think of. I simply couldn’t understand why the mother suggests his younger son and the girl to have a live in relationship. And why does she want them to get married (post her death) after 11 years and that too when they have got two children out of their live in years. Also absurdly the elder brother remains witness to all this and even is shown celebrating their marriage. The last half hour is completely confusing and nonsensical

As I see it, the love making scene was not required at the first place and was totally avoidable. This gave a complete new and blind turn to the movie. On the other hand, the plot should have used the love angle only as an infatuation. This situation can arise in real life too and it is quite possible. We all do get attracted towards many persons we come across in our lives, but we cannot start an affair with anyone we like. And that too with the lady who is going to be married in 5 days and we are there invited to attend her marriage only. In my opinion, if the characters were made to control themselves and accept it as a healthy and friendly infatuation then the movie could have been a milestone for Onir. But instead he decided to mould it in an unethical way which was a drastic mistake

Now if we just keep the story out of mind and emphasize only on the performances, then there are worth watching acts by almost all the characters. Among the top on the list are Shabana Azmi and Chitrangda Singh. Shabana gives another milestone performance of her career. She is more than perfect in the role of mother of the family and she was the only one who could do justice with this role. Chitrangda has the beauty out of this world. She simply lights up the screen with her presence. In fact you cannot watch any other person sharing screen presence with her as she never allows you to take eyes off her. She was rightly compared to Smita Patil in her first film as she has got the talent and beauty both in the right measures. She stands at equal heights confidently with the veteran Shabana Azmi and makes her presence felt in front of her. Moments where Shabana and Chitrangda are together on the screen are brilliantly directed and give you back the worth of your money

Boman Irani is so cool as the father. Though Shabana & Boman together remind you of “Honeymoon Travels”, but still they look as a perfect couple and Boman Irani provides the required comic relief to the movie. Sharman Joshi as the younger brother impresses and his magical smile says a lot. But Sanjay Suri is ok as the elder brother. He also does not get enough attention post interval. Musically the songs sound soothing while watching but a song worth remembering is missing. The movie is mostly shot outdoors in Mauritius and the beautiful locations are canned superbly

In short, the story in unconvincing and the script is indigestible but you may watch the film only for the superlative act by the leading ladies, Shabana Azmi & Chitrangda Singh. You will love them both

Rating : 2 / 5

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30 Nov 2008 / Comments ( 3 )

Like you, i thought the film was mostly ridiculous. But you should mention early on that you review from an ultraorthodoxly conservative point of view not accepting other people\'s life styles.

agree with henrik lot of relationships happen with most silly reasons don\'t be prejudiced
Bobby Sing

Its fine Mike, as we all have our own set of thinking patterns and moreover a review is just a personal interpretation of the critic which might not be acceptable to all.

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