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SOUNDTRACK - Movie Review : A fine adaptation of IT's ALL GONE PETE TONG (2004), it defines three words in our life namely 'Destiny', 'Acceptance' and 'Passion'. (Review By Bobby Sing)

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To start with, let me finish with the official disclosures first. This week’s offbeat offering SOUNDTRACK is a legitimate remake of IT’s ALL GONE PETE TONG (2004), which is based on the tragic life story of a famous DJ, who suddenly becomes deaf and then disappears mysteriously. Where the original is a kind of comedy made in a mockumentary style giving it an authentic feel, its Hindi remake is a rather serious adaptation of the film taking a somber look at the subject and its protagonist’s life. Secondly the film is full of mature content including sequences of abuses, drug addiction and sex. So it should not be chosen as your choice for a family outing in this festive weekend.

Yet, it undoubtedly is an important and well attempted film since it reminds us of three important words in our life namely “Destiny”, “Acceptance” and “Passion”.
Talking about its present Hindi version, it’s a great choice of subject by its debutant director Neerav Ghosh, as the plot is new and has a fresh storyline, moving ahead of the routine stuff offered to the Indian audience. Though, I cannot give the credit of its brilliant story idea and various thoughtful sequences to Neerav, since he religiously follows the Original film in his adaptation. But the director does show his sparkling talent in the film and makes a difference.
A deserving mention has to be made for Neerav’s own contribution in the execution wherein he very smartly even surpasses the original in several instances. Like, he replaces the ugly bear of the original with a Joker in SOUNDTRACK which is a relief and then tackles the subject in a more sensitive way with the introduction of Soha Ali Khan in the film post intermission. Where the film doesn’t really justify its subject of a passionate, crazy DJ’s story in the first half, it intelligently covers it all with a great second half which depicts the positivity between its lead characters Soha and Rajeev, superbly. And also the character of Mohan Kapur comes out to be much better in the Hindi version with an enhanced role in the script.
Strictly made on the lines of ITS ALL GONE PETE TONG, Neerav’s SOUNDTRACK is shot well with a fine background score and some great inspiring scenes and well written dialogues. But the film is not perfect in every sense as it has some dull moments too in its otherwise engaging direction which hampers the real impact of the movie. Taking a clue from its title, I was really expecting some great songs in the film which were sadly not there. However, the use of real life celebrity clips (including names like Anurag Kashyap, Kailash Kher, Anu Malik, VJ Bani and many more), successfully give an authentic feel to the project impressing the viewer. But actually it’s the last 15 minutes of the film which really work and you walk out thinking about the present life of RAUNAQ the DJ who strikes back as a fighting spirit even after becoming deaf and then goes into his self chosen exile.
The biggest drawback of the film is that despite of giving a spirited performance in the lead role, Rajeev Khandelwal somehow doesn’t look like a passionate, mad DJ who lives heavily on boozing, drugs and sex. No doubt, Rajeev shows his deep understanding of the medium by choosing this film and does deliver his best too but its actually his physical appearance which doesn’t match with the drug addict character on the screen. Still, he performs well and once again proves his acting mettle on the screen. On the other side both Soha Ali Khan as his teacher and Mohan Kapur as his manager are really good supporting him brilliantly. Specifically Soha plays it very brave by accepting such kind of role at this point of her career.
Working on the original script, director Neerav Ghosh also adds many Indian Family values into the film, which complement the overall impact of the movie and do not look like added deliberately. Hence on the whole, SOUNDTRACK is a well attempted inspiring movie which though cannot be called a perfect project but still has got the power to infuse a lot of positivity into the viewer.
Now coming to the Inspirational or Spiritual Value of the film and its subject, SOUNDTRACK & its original ITS ALL GONE PETE TONG strongly remind us of three important words in our life called “Destiny”, “Acceptance” and “Passion”.
Defining the first word DESTINY, its story makes us realize and cherish the invaluable gifts given to us by the ALMIGHTY in our ability to See, Hear, Smell, Touch and Feel. The unexpected tragedy of DJ Raunaq in the film alarmingly reminds us that, What if the Destiny snatches away one of these irreplaceable gifts from us and then makes us live in its absence. Just imagine the state and mental condition of a Singer - if he loses his melodious voice, a Professional Athletic Runner – if he loses one of his legs, or a DJ as shown in the film – who suddenly loses his power to hear completely. Undeniably it requires a lot of sensitivity and understanding to feel the trauma faced by such a person. And it will really be a blessing if we all can feel and realize the importance of these precious gifts granted to us by the existence, simply free of cost, just like that, after watching the film.
The second word defined beautifully in the film is ACCEPTANCE, since the deaf DJ in its story accepts the real truth of his sudden incapability with time and then decides to move over. The undying spirit of RAUNAQ in the film teaches us the power of ACCEPTING, whatever situation DESTINY puts us in and then coming out of the same unfortunate state with our own efforts.
Here after mentioning the above two words, I would like to mention Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film “GUZAARISH” which was not that great as projected, since it stopped at these two words of DESTINY and ACCEPTANCE only and didn’t move ahead. The bed ridden magician in GUZAARISH also faces a similar kind of blow from the Destiny and then also Accepts it gracefully with a smile on his face. But after this calm Acceptance of his, the character stops right there and later starts asking for a MERCY DEATH from the court. And this is where the magician actually denies thinking positively and gives it up completely in search of a permanent relief. So the journey of GUZAARISH’s magician remained an incomplete one since he loses hope in the end forgetting all about his art of magic and his immense love for his own talent.
But this is where SOUNDTRACK or ITS ALL GONE PETE TONG scores much more than GUZAARISH, since in this the deaf DJ clearly refuses to forget about his passion of music and finds his own way of continuing his love for the musical notes even after he completely becomes deaf. This courageous act of a deaf DJ to rediscover his love for music despite of losing his hearing ability reminds us the power in the word called PASSION, which we all more or less start losing as we grow older.
Hence the journey of the Deaf DJ in SOUNDTRACK goes one step ahead than the journey of the bed ridden magician in GUZAARISH, simply redefining the meaning of PASSION and its importance in a person’s life.

As a movie, SOUNDTRACK is neither a masterpiece nor it will get some great results at the box office. But the film and its original version ITS ALL GONE PETE TONG can easily become an alarming clock in our lives, which can make us realize the immeasurable value of all those numerous gifts granted to us by the Existence, which we just keep on enjoying without even noticing them throughout our life.
So, if you are game for watching something out of the routine with a great message, then do watch SOUNDTRACK and feel the passion.
Rating : 3 / 5

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08 Oct 2011 / Comment ( 2 )

Hi bobby,

As usual I was waiting for your review since Friday & here you are on sunny Sunday morning as my first work to read your thought on SOUNDTRACK.

Interesting that every time you found something very hidden from movies which most of other can not see on first instance. Must say great great ability to see beyond boundaries. I read reviews from almost all critics but reading your review is something else, like LIFE...

Unfortunately here timing of this movie in theater is very odd so didn\'t get a chance to watch but certainly go asap.

Keep writing brother. Would write more after watching movie.
Thanks :)

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Hemu for understanding the perspective of my review. 

Actually there is a lot in life which needs to be seen, felt and realised from a different, more deeper angle. But we go on taking it very lightly just for entertainment.
As I have felt, music, poetry and cinema are 3 of those most under-rated and un-utlised things in a person's life which can all add a lot Lot LOT more in his usual living days.
But the only thing is to enjoy them with a more deeper understanding giving more thought as well as more time.

So just keep studying and enjoying together these precious gifts from the blessed world of The ALMIGHTY.
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