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STAR WARS : Episode VII - It reminds you of the simple, enjoyable spirit of the original 3 part series as a tribute, without any new or path breaking surprises. (Review by Bobby Sing)

30 Dec, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

Taking you back in time, the original trilogy of this probably the most popular science fiction series till date began with Star Wars or Episode IV – A New Hope in 1977, followed by Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Episode VI - Return of The Jedi released in 1983. A prequel trilogy to these original three films was released later as Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999), Episode II - The Attack Of The Clones (2002) and Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith (2005). Here though the response to the first (award winning) three parts remained more than the later ones, still the series went on to become the most successful film merchandise franchise with books, television serials, video games, comics, toys and more  entertaining the enormous fan following in the last four decades.
Coming to the latest part released i.e. the VII Episode titled The Force Awakens, the film is surely able to deliver the expected content to some extent. But before writing about it in details, let me give you a fair idea about the viewership of this particular much talked about movie, broadly dividing them into three major sections.
The first section includes the ones who have fondly seen all the six parts released till date and are die-hard fans of the series eagerly waiting for its VII episode.
Second section includes the enthusiastic viewers who have just got introduced to the series and have recently watched the first three or may be the later parts too only a few weeks or days before, only to get the right feeling or mood of the over-famous series and its actual storyline.
And the third section is of the viewers who haven’t watched any film of the series till now but are still excited to see its latest episode released out of curiosity.
Now honestly where Episode VII would largely entertain the first section of viewers on the whole, it will subtly impress the second and would least appeal to the third who have no familiar characters to cheer for as they appear on the screen again after a long gap.
In other words, this is a film especially made for the huge cult-following of the series and they are more or less going to enjoy it feeling the good old nostalgia of the gone times. The episode clearly reveals its huge love towards the first trilogy beginning in the 70s with the world created by writer-director George Lucas. And one cherishes seeing the same white masked men, black deadly villain with a heavy voice, the young fighter Jedi, gigantic space ships, emotional link-ups between the characters, the adorable droids and Chewy presenting a simple & predictable adventure similar to reading those entertaining science fiction comic books in the teenage years.
The cast enacts their given roles with the much required energy (giving ample space to the female lead too) and the CGI department along with the energetic background score gives you a good time offering a fast paced action show in the space shot with a bigger vision.
In short, the director JJ Abrams actually plays it pretty safe here, riding high on the original feel of the series beginning with the same yellow scrolling credits explaining the new adventure. But with no big surprises in store, it does leave you a bit less satisfied in the end as a long time fan since decades. Still, offering the same kind of energy and pull as there in the first trilogy, the latest VIIth Episode overall delivers it fine (if not great), which positively might inspire many first timers to go for the complete series beginning from 1977.
Rating : 3 / 5

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30 Dec 2015 / Comments ( 4 )
Neel Trivedi

Hey Bobby,
Good post but I\'d have to disagree that there were no real surprises. Granted, there weren\'t that many and only two major ones, but they were still pretty significant. Needless to say, I should probably warn your readers that: FULL SPOILERS AHEAD, DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN\'T SEEN THE MOVIE...
I thought that Kylo Ren being revealed to be Han Solo and Leia\'s son (and Darth Vader\'s grandson) was a pretty big surprise. Also, it gave a lot of explanation and motivation for his character\'s direction.
Even a bigger surprise would obviously be Han Solo\'s death by his own son. Considering how significant Han Solo\'s character is to the original trilogy, I would say that was a pretty big shocker.

Bobby Sing

Hi Neel,
Thanks for the detiled comment but I really havent reveled anything of any sort in the review so couldnt understand the need of disclaimer.
Plus as I said its sure going to be loved by the diehard fans since the 70s relating to the continuing characters.

However an eye-opener surprise is that in India it has remained unable to generate any kind of thundering response at the box office unlike the rest of the world.


Neel Trivedi
Actually, the disclaimer I put was for my own comment as I did put a couple of spoilers.

Regarding the box office status in India, I am actually not surprised as the Star Wars craze has never really been as strong as it is around the rest of the world. Plus it\'s clashing against 2 Bollywood biggies.

But on the flip side, it\'s on its way to becoming the highest grossing film ever with well over a billion dollars! I would genuinely love to see an Indian movie reach that kind of status one day although it seems highly unrealistic at this point.
Bobby Sing

Oh! I thought it was for the review.
Anyway with a hope that an Indian movie may reach that kind of status one day in the future.


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