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SULEMANI KEEDA - A piece straight out of the real life of struggling writers in the film world. (Review By Bobby Sing)

31 Dec, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases

If you can forget about any specific plot, ready to watch natural performers instead of superstars, can ignore some extreme abuses used and willing to experience something straight out of the real life of two struggling writers knocking at every promising door in Mumbai then do give this a try by making a serious effort as a must. Particularly if you are among the ones who themselves have experienced such time in the city of dreams as a writer, actor or a creative technician looking for work and your first crucial break in the film world.
Cleverly shot in a different, realistic mode by the debutant director Amit Masurkar, his SULEMANI KEEDA might not be a perfect winner, but it does have that much required freshness to offer post many mediocre projects supported by all big names. Its pleasingly authentic portrayal of two struggling writers, their try at girls in a bookstore, the unlimited rounds to the homes & offices of celebrities like Amrita Rao, Mahesh Bhatt, Anil Sharma and Aditya Chopra, their attempt to write something out of the box for their eccentric rich client, falling in love, fighting with each other and then surrendering to the corrupt system ignoring their own cherished art-form, truly gives you a quite mature account of the real life lived by such artists in Mumbai looking for that one major break.
With many admirably natural performances from Mayank Tewari, Naveen Kasturia and the entire supporting cast, who don’t really seem to be acting, the film many a times gives you a feeling of watching something straight from the real life shot in a docu-drama style. And that’s where it scores the most despite losing the grip in the middle (due to the repetitive love affair) and then becoming all predictable towards the end of its 90 minutes duration. Shot in a simple but impressive manner on all next door Mumbai locations, SULEMANI KEEDA remains a comedy throughout maintaining a fine balance between real life and its unique characters. But along with that also represents the deep pain felt by every single person who comes to the city in search of name, fame and money in big numbers.
It mocks at the film industry’s way of functioning much better than the recent HAPPY ENDING and THE SHAUKEENS and has an interesting soundtrack and background score too adding to the overall impact. Yet admittedly it doesn’t hit that hard in the end with the fun losing out to all familiar scenes in its final 45 minutes. Moreover, targeting only the urban youth or selected audience, the film is certainly not going to be seen and enjoyed by everyone as it seems. Having said that, it still gives you a name to watch in the future of its director Masurkar, who surely has a keen observing eye on the life around.
Ending on a different note, SULEMANI KEEDA might only be rated as a realistic, promising first attempt by the entire team performing well, but it definitely needs to be given a chance without any doubt. Specifically if you are film writer yourself or often write about films of the present or the past on your own blog/site as a passionate hobby.

And in case you are still not convinced then sample this one line from the film saying,
“Agar Filmein Bechani Hain Toh Dukandaar Ki Tarah Socho, Writer Ki Tarah Nahin!”

Rating : 3 / 5

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31 Dec 2014 / Comments ( 4 )

Dear Bobby,
I just came here to request you again to review "Sulemani Keeda" and thrilled to see that you have already done that. But it is still late. Please review such small film as earliest as possible because some time they go out of theater even in first week.
If not possible full review, then at least do it as you have done for "take it easy".

I personally used to watch movie first and then read your review later to gain more insight/ another point of view about movie, but I try to promote small budget movie within my friends by referring them to review written by you.
Please try to accommodate my request and thanks for review of "Take it easy".


Bobby Sing

Dear Sudhanshu,
Thanks for having trust in my reviews and I will definetely try to review the smaller movies as soon as possible in the future for sure.
Thanks once again for giving me the much required encouragement.


Roket Singh

This was a sweet story.

It was kind of a realistic story, unlike other Bollywood drama where people give up everything for love.

Dialogues and scenes were also like what one would expect in real life.

I thing it has become a norm to check your rating before I watch a movie.

Although we do not agree in ratings all the times, it works in most of the cases.

Keep writing and I will keep visiting :D

Bobby Sing

Thanks Rocket Singh for your kind love and appreciation.
And do keep visiting and wriing in too.


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