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SUNDAY - An average thriller with good comedy sequences. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

25 Jan, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

In a straight review SUNDAY is not what you expect after seeing the promising promos. It’s a mixture of thriller and comedy sequences. Whereas the comedy sequences are highly enjoyable, there is no thrill in the suspense and murder mystery element of the script. The film is said to be a remake of a HIT Telugu film ANUKOKUNDA OKA ROJU [2005]. The Telugu original must be more enjoyable fare as it was a big hit but the hindi version lacks the right punch needed for a blockbuster.

In fact director Rohit Shetty seems confused in whether to make a comedy film or a fast paced thriller. Many plots and characters are deliberately inserted, which are clearly spotted by a average filmgoer too.
For instance :
Ajay Devgan’s character of a ice cream eating cop is the most unimpressive one. He just plays the role and doesn’t seem to be interested in the movie at all.
The murder mystery has no surprise element in it as some unknown character just enters the climax as the main culprit.
The most disappointing thing is that Irfan Khan, an actor of endless capabilities has got no definite role and he is just included in the movie to add to its project value. He has no involvement in the script and is just wasted as a comedy character. However it is his own brilliance that he again comes up as the best thing in the movie with his excellent comic timing.
Even Arshad Warsi, is not given the mileage he needed and he is also just another character in the script.
The action sequences on the actual locations of Chandni Chowk, Delhi and the item number of “Esha Deol” are clearly added as the last moment insertions. The director could have easily avoided them.
Ayesha Takia working as Cartoon Dubbing artist is given unwanted footage. She just acts in the movie as a routine work.
The script surely has a new concept, but is not handled in a promising manner. Music is also below average.. The only enjoyable moments in the movie are the scenes with Arshad Warsi & Irfan Khan. They both are highly entertaining together and the viewer keeps waiting for them to come on screen again.
In all, Sunday is certainly not a good thriller movie but can only be seen once for the comedy by the talented pair – Arshad Warsi & Irfan Khan.
Ratings : 2.5 / 5

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