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SUPER SINGH (Punjabi) - A strictly routine and forced religious propaganda kind of superhero film from Anurag & Diljit. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)
18 Jun, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

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Shared below are views - Beyond the initial review with some more interesting insights.

One of the most famous and in-demand singer-turned-actors of Punjab featuring in the first Punjabi superhero film sounded really exciting. But I frankly wasn't expecting such a weak, routine and religious propaganda kind of film from Anurag & Diljit together coming as a big disappointment. Moving beyond the review (that can be read clicking at link given above), here are the three major reasons why SUPER SINGH doesn’t turn out to be any novel entertaining experience falling way short of the names and expectations associated with the big project.
Firstly SUPER SINGH fails to come up with anything extremely fresh in its portrayal of a super-hero different from what we have already seen in several Indian and Western movies including a quite similar Hindi film released just months before tilted A FLYING JATT. In fact there is not even a single scene that can be called novel either in terms of writing or execution repeating the routine stuff.
Secondly, here we once again have a highly repetitive Diljit, doing the same kind of typical funny act with similar mannerisms or dialogue delivery as seen in many of his recent films. No doubt, many amongst the viewers still might be able to enjoy his unoriginal ‘typecast’ persona being his true fans, but the actor is just on the verge of falling into a self-chosen destructive trap and soon needs to seriously think over it with his team before it’s too late.
Lastly and most importantly, its really bizarre the way Punjabi filmmakers are too keen to bring in the 'Religious Element' in such films following an undisclosed different motive. A superhero is supposed to be a superhero rising above any religion whatsoever. For instance who cares or mentions the religion of a Superman or Spiderman ever in their films or the famous comic books? But here we have SUPER SINGH indulging in religion as some kind of ‘Propaganda Film’ deliberately made with the insertion of many forced sequences like the one focusing on a kid suffering from Cancer.
Here would also like to mention a very clever strategy followed by the team while talking about Sikhism and its teachings of having uncut, natural hair and a smartly tied turban.
To make you familiar with the Sikh’s sacred teaching/tradition/directive, a Sikh is supposed to have all natural hair, including the beard that is not supposed to be cut along with the hair on his head neatly kept under a properly tied turban. 
Now the writer-director-actor trio in SUPER SINGH, go on spreading the message of uncut hair repeatedly in more than one sequences as some kind of religious propaganda film, but never ever focus, mention or talk about the smartly cut beard of Diljit Dosanjh displaying an utterly flawed, biased and cleverly planned strategy fooling the young minds.
In other words, Diljit goes on and on talking about Sikhism, its values and the importance of uncut hair teaching the kid too. But doesn’t even recall his own trimmed beard, putting up a very smart religious show playing the SUPER SINGH. In short, I would have certainly appreciated if Anurag had made the first Punjabi superhero film as a fun-filled adventure movie without indulging in any kind of religious teachings. But in the present format it’s as if the film was made on some specific instructions with a motive messing with its original script.
Anyway, despite the above shortcomings, if you can still laugh on the similar sounding gags, phrases and dialogues rendered by the typically comic Diljit, then you can surely try it once. But for me the film was a big disappointment offering almost nothing.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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