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Satya (1998) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller)

21 Jun, 2010 | Movies To See Before You Die / Thrillers

Satya - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Bollywood has always been associated with movies revolving around the Underworld theme right from its Golden black and white era. But after Ram Gopal Verma made “Satya” the whole definition of Underworld in Hindi Movies was redefined in a highly authentic and superior manner leaving behind every other famous movie made on the same subject in the past.
“Satya” unarguably was responsible of setting new standards of both film-making and acting in the Hindi Cinema. Hugely acclaimed by both the masses and the classes it strengthened the innovative image of director, Ram Gopal Verma and also gave the industry an immensely gifted actor named Manoj Bajpai. Giving new dimesions to the characters of gangsters, the movie was a runaway success and amazingly after its release it was the villain (Bhikhu Matrey played by Manoj) and not the hero (Satya played by J. D. Charavarthi) who became a youth icon in the country with his famous one line dialogue, “Mumbai Ka King Kaun…Bhikhu Matrey”.
Apart from its brilliant execution and performances, “Satya” has two more aces down its sleeve and they are its Musical Score and Background Music. The movie has great songs composed by Vishal Bhardwaj and penned by Gulzar like “Sapne Mein Militi Hai”, “Goli Maar Bheje Mein”, “Badlon Se” and “Tu Mere Pass Bhi Hai”. It was only due to the genius of RGV that almost all the songs of “Satya” are still remembered and enjoyed till date despite of the fact that the movie was an intense flick made on the subject of terror and underworld operating in Mumbai.
Along with that it has one of the best background scores of Hindi Films composed by Sandeep Chowta. In fact such was the impact of his brilliant score that, months after the release of the movie, a separate CD of its background score was released by the music company to encash its huge popularity. Looking at all these achievements of this pure masterpiece, now it can easily be said that “Satya” has indisputably acquired the same cult status in Bollywood, what the famous “Godfather Series” enjoys in the Western Cinema. So, if you still haven’t witnessed the good and bad characters in this Ram Gopal Verma Classic, then do yourself a favour and see it at the earliest.
Directed by Ram Gopal Verma
Starring : Manoj Bajpai, Urmila Matondkar, J. D. Chakravarthi, Saurabh Shukla and more.
Music : Vishal Bhardwaj and Sandeep Chowta.

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