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Satyajit Ray, Steven Spielberg, Aliens & E.T. (Did You Know - 1)

28 Mar, 2008 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / Hollywood Gets Inspired / Articles on Cinema / Did You Know!

This may be news to many and surely an interesting one. It is said that it was the master film-maker SATYAJIT RAY who was originally responsible for the 'Friendly Alien Concept' to be filmed later. He also had a complete outline of a script ready which was based on one of his own short story titled ‘Banku Babu Bondhu’ (Translated as Mr. Bonku’s Friend).

The famous Spielberg movie, “E.T.” is actually said to be based on the plot penned by the great RAY. The outline and the rough script of the idea kept roaming into several production houses in Hollywood before it was made as “E.T.” and there are many detailed stories associated with this. However the fact is not officially accepted. 
Here the interesting thing is that after many years our own film makers found their inspiration from Spielberg's “E.T.” for making their “Koi Mil Gaya” (2003) talking about a friendly alien.
A detailed reference to this is there in the book, “Satyajit Ray: The Inner Eye”  By Andrew Robinson.
You can also check the link : http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0006249/bio
Or just search “Satyajit Ray & Spielberg” and there are numerous references on the web.
Great Indeed !

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28 Mar 2008 / Comments ( 4 )
Ananya Paul

It is quite true that films like E.T:Extra Terrestrial(1982) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind directed by the master Steven Spielberg will never repeated but it is to said the script for these two films have very distinct similarities with "The Alien" a project which was thought to be executed by one the greatest film directors/authors Satyajit Ray along with Mike Wilson but the project was later dropped due to certain reasons. In 1982, E.T directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Columbia Pictured (same production linked with Satyajit Ray\'s project) which was very much similar to the "Aliens" script released a film but it did not affect the person who became one of the world\'s most reputed directors Mr.Satyajit Ray.

Such a person deserves a salute

Bobby Sing

Dear Ananya Paul,
Certainly he was a person deserving much more applause and salute.
Thanks for writing in and Keep Visiting.


manojit dhar

Mr. Ray is one of the best directors of this world . he was fascinated by all of the mysteries around the globe. and it reflects on his writings whether it is professor Sonku , Feluda series or translating Sir Arthur Conan writings in Bengali. He is special for every Bengali as well as a true movie lover.

Bobby Sing

Hi Manojit Dhar,
That's very true about Ray and every movie lover all over the world.

Thanks for visiting and writing in.

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