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Shammi Kapoor UNPLUGGED - A Rare Web Interview Series featuring the Yahoo Man talking about himself in his last days. A must see, life teaching series for all lovers of his unforgettable charisma. (Did You Know - 30)

16 Aug, 2011 | Articles on Cinema / Did You Know!

Shammi Kapoor Unplugged - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

We all lovingly remember the Golden Years of Hindi Film Industry watching its adorable films repeatedly and we all love the enigmatic stars featuring those cinematic gems even more. But the hard truth is that nobody is here to stay forever and we all have to leave this beautiful planet one day without any prior notice. And whenever, any of our beloved star passes away, I just remember these immortal lines written for the Industry itself saying,

 “Dekhi Zamane Ki Yaari, Bichhdey Sabhi Baari Baari”
On 14th August, 2011, it was the sad day when our beloved Yahoo man Shammi Kapoor said his last Goodbye to all his fans, moving towards his next journey to the unknown. But before taking his final leave, our charming dancing star left us with a priceless account of his memorable years in the Hindi Film Industry, enlightening us about many unknown and undisclosed facts about his own career and his friends too.
It was a Web Interview Series, which he started shooting for, in September last year, coming up with a fresh episode every week till August 2011 when our Lover Boy decided to call it off. Watching these 54 tiny episodes of his interviews is a complete out of this world experience and for that I am highly thankful to the team of RAJSHRI, who thought of this splendid idea of capturing these precious moments in the camera when our dear Shammi Saab was still alive celebrating with his same loving energy and enthusiasm.
Here I would like to inform all his fans about this rather rare and unknown series, available on the web for your immediate viewing at the following link :
I can’t say anything more about the inner beauty of the man because I am not able to find any vocabulary to express my love for the LAAT SAHEB and his art of living. But I am sure that through these beautiful small gems, you will come to know a completely different persona of Shammi Saab not only as a humble human being and a great performer but also as a spiritually enlightened yogi who exactly knew how to live each moment of his life joyfully in his last days.
Cheers to Shammi Saab!
May you sing, dance and enjoy even more in your heavenly abode.

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16 Aug 2011 / Comment ( 2 )

Thanks for the link " Shammi Kapoor Unplugged" very interesting !
I see only 3 of his films : An evening in Paris , Junglee (i liked very much this one !) and Teesri Manzil ...
Bonne continuation et merci

Bobby Sing

Do watch some of his other enjoyable movies too Fatiha, but first chek out this link as it will lead you to the person Shammi Kapoor in a more better way and you would even love his movies more knowing him from these small interviews, given just in his last year on this planet.


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