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Short Kut (2009), Udayananu Tharam (2005) & Bowfinger (1999)
16 Jul, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / S

Anil Kapoor Production’s comic project talking about a stolen script and betrayal between friends is said to be the remake of a Malayalam movie “Udayananu Tharam” released in 2005. But the main comedy plot of the movie revealed towards the climax is highly inspired from the movie “Bowfinger” released in 1999.

The English Hit featuring Steve Martin & Eddie Murphy also has a similar plot where a rejected director decides to shoot his film without informing the main star with his hidden cameras. Whereas “Bowfinger” is completely based on this single comic plot, “Short Kut” adopts this idea in its later reels only.
However, there is another interesting point in the story, where even the tagline used along the Short Kut title, “The Con is on” is also exactly similar to the one used in the English Original. In addition to this, the sub-plot of the film, dealing with the Script-Theft also seems to be taken from “Big Fat Liar” (2001).
Officially “Shortkut” is a remake of “Udayananu Tharam” (Malyalam).But that too was released in 2005, much later than “Bowfinger” which came in 1999. So the regional movie also seems to be inspired from the English Comedy which came out first among these all.

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