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Sunset Boulevard (1950) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

15 Feb, 2011 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Films made on the subject of film-making showcasing the real happenings over a shooting or behind the scenes, have always been interesting to watch and enjoy. There is a particular section of viewers, which gets pretty excited for such films as they take them closer to the real life of their favourite actors and make them feel the heat. Every decade witnesses several films written around this amusing plot, but still “SUNSET BLVD.” remains probably the best movie made on this engrossing subject till date for some valid reasons.

Rated as one of the finest creations of director Billy Wilder, Sunset Boulevard, released in 1950 is an enlightening as well as frightening journey into the last years of a forgotten actress of the Silent Films Era. A Powerful and unforgettable black & white dynamite which will force you to think about the scary life lived by all the actors in the film-world. Widely acclaimed among the 100 BEST MOVIES EVER MADE, its a film which will give you an insight about how dreadful it can be for all those successful stars in their later years of life when they become old losing their famous beauty and charm.

Based on a very realistic and cleverly written script, the movie is beautifully shot and displays a rare balance of realism and black comedy. The story revolves around an unexplainable relationship between a struggling script writer and a forgotten silent era film-star Norma Desmond. Rightly considered as a landmark Hollywood film it has numerous well directed scenes and dialogues with many hidden & deep indications towards the other side of the glamour world.
Its brilliant performances revealing many ugly truths about the life of A Bygone Era STAR can easily be an eye-opener for many young and aspiring actors. A true masterpiece from its first frame to the last, SUNSET BLVD. is strong enough to change your whole outlook towards the film-world and its enigma. Especially, its climax and the sequence where Norma visits the studio once again after a gap of many years, strikes the viewer pretty hard and stays there in his mind for long.
In comparative terms, SUNSET BLVD. can easily be considered as a Classic Masterpiece from Hollywood enjoying the status quite similar to the one given to Guru Dutt’s KAAGAZ KE PHOOL in Bollywood. Therefore it’s a must watch for every lover of good and meaningful cinema who wishes to have some more food for his thinking mind. So if you are really feeling the hunger then do watch this Billy Wilder’s Oscar Winner famous gem at the earliest and feed both your thinking mind and soul together.
Directed By Billy Wilder
Starring : Gloria Swanson, William Holden and more

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