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TAARE ZAMEEN PAR - In simple words - THAT'S CINEMA IN ITS PUREST FORM (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

21 Dec, 2007 | Movie Reviews / 2007 & Before

Words fell short as I start writing about this impressive emotional movie from the actor-director - Aamir Khan & his team. Unarguably the film deserves a standing ovation for its unusual content and for its near perfect execution as a first of its kind attempt in the Indian Cinema. In fact the impact I felt after viewing it was quite similar to that of watching Classics of great Indian film makers like Bimol Roy and Guru Dutt.

Aamir Khan delivers exactly what was being expected from him, an out of the routine, emotional, memorable and enlightening film which is capable of bringing changes in the lives of many families. The film revolves around a boy who is facing difficulties in studies and his teacher who comes in his life as a morning breeze. The story emphasizes completely on the character of the child, his thoughts and is a journey into the imaginative world of his mind. Especially the visual interpretation of what he is thinking is innovatively shot and is a visual treat to watch.
Aamir Khan is a thinking brain with a heart of gold and that he has proved with this debut directorial venture of his. He has the guts of following his heart and coming out with a completely unconventional film like this. However the Writer and Creative Director of the movie, Amol Gupte equally deserves his share of praises too for the commendable effort. The greatest merit of the film is that it is not at all preachy, but it teaches along with providing the required entertainment to the viewers.
The film talks about a condition of a child who is finding tough to compete with his classmates but he never talks about it as a disease or a mental disorder to cure. Aamir focuses on the fact that we got to give proper attention to all kids in a family as everyone has his own areas of abilities. He also pin points on to the parents who always want their children to score high in their studies and just ignore the other aspects of life relating to the alternate interests of a child in art and culture.
Darsheel Safary, the eight year old child has given a stunning performance. And the reason behind this is that he is not just acting, but he seems to be actually the real troubled child and has done his part so well that he even overshadows the subtle and cool performance of Aamir. Another actor to watch out is Tisca Chopra as the mother of the child. She is just perfect and makes you remember the motherly touch in your childhood days. Yet, the most effective scenes of the movie remain the ones having Aamir and the child’s father together. The lyrics of Prasoon Joshi are even above than the melodious score given by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. And they both are more impressive while watching the movie.
In short, it’s the movie which should be watched as a compulsion by all parents along with their children (would be parents too) and also by all the teachers who should essentially feel the responsibility they have towards each & every child they teach. Concluding my review I would like to request the viewers that this is a movie which is meant to be watched without munching the popcorn and indeed deserves a respectful viewing.

Hats off to Aamir Khan - Amol Gupte & Thanks for giving us “Taare Zameen Par”.
The movie is simply above the star rating system……

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21 Dec 2007 / Comments ( 3 )
Nishant Nigam

Nice comment bobby sir , really a pure "Touch your heart" kind of film...

Bobby Sing

Thanks Nishant .......and keep writing in...



bahut accha likha hai sir. just going through from your articles today. its always a learning experience.

Bobby Sing

Sorry for the late reply as many comments got hidden due to a technical glitch.
Your appreciation really inspires me to keep it going Sandeep.
With a big heartfelt thanks.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.


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