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TALAASH (2012) and its possible inspirations.
23 Dec, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / T

Aamir Khan’s latest solo venture TALAASH coming after a long gap met with a mixed response at the box office mainly due to its unexpected culmination giving it a supernatural touch. Now though the writing team of the film reportedly claims it to be inspired from a real life incident they personally had in their own life. But still, the film has many acute similarities with few other projects which cannot be ignored as mentioned below.

1. It reminded me of a Thai horror film called SHUTTER (2004) which also starts with an accident wherein the spirit of a dead girl comes in front of a car and the couple in it thinks that they have actually killed her. The spirit of the girl then starts haunting the boy as he was responsible for her death a few years back and was a part of the evil game played in that ugly past. But since after the initial accident sequence, the film moves on to a completely different track so this minor similarity can be taken as a mere co-incidence.

2. Secondly the exactly similar references present in T. Jefferson Parker’s mystery novel THE FALLEN are tough to ignore because it also revolves around an investigating officer who gets visions of various kinds while talking to people and also has a wife who has decided to leave him. The case he is investigating revolves around the mysterious death of another cop who too had a broken marriage, reason of which was the drowning death of their three years old daughter. The findings of the case later get related to a prostitution racket and its involvement with many high ranking city officials.

3. Coming to the spirit angle in TALAASH, it straight away seems to be taken from an English thriller ELEPHANT WHITE (2011), which also has the spirit of a beautiful dead girl, forced into drugs & prostitution, visible only to an assassin. Now here too she helps him kill all the people involved in the flesh trade or girls trafficking business like a real person only. And quite similar to TALAASH, this action thriller also starts with a colorful tour of the dark lanes of Bangkok where drugs, prostitution and trafficking is in full swing. Plus later when the secret is revealed, here too we have some scenes re-shown without the girl’s spirit to explain that the assassin was actually talking to nobody.


4. Lastly the plot of a couple losing their daughter after a unexpected drowning incident in a lake and then a psychic lady who can see the dead persons can also be found in another well made thriller called DON’T LOOK NOW (1973) directed by Nicolas Roeg.


Hence though Reema Kagti did come up with an interesting mystery thriller along with Mr. Perfectionist in the lead, but its plot had too many loop holes and their choice of subject surely could have been better moving ahead than such clear inspirations.

(Update in March 2014)

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23 Dec 2012 / Comments ( 11 )

Zoya akhtar said that this is her real life experience...ha ha ha..what a lie.

phalguni padhi

Bobby, I think there is also a lot of similarity with the film "INSOMNIA" a beautiful film directed by christofer nolan......waiting for ur comments.

Bobby Sing

Hi Phalguni,
INSOMNIA is no doubt a great film which is in my pending list to write too. But apart from the similarity in the Inspectors physical state the film had a different subject as I feel.


Raja Shah
The movie is very similar to a theme in a Gujarati Novel by Harkishan Mehta. Its title is Bhed Bharam and it has a central theme of a woman ghost killed by a villain, helping an insurance agent and a police officer track down the villain..

Bobby Sing

Thanks Raja Shah for this great addition which is really an interesting one.......!

Ramcharan zanjeer quentin tarantino

Hey Bobby,
Have u seen Nicolas Roeg\'s thriller film Dont look now (1973)? Watch it if u havent.its a wonderful film,its very well directed and very well edited. Its ending gives u a chill down ur spine. The subplot of protagonist couple losing their child in drowning and rani mukherjee contacting a woman who can communicate with spirits, is taken from this film.

Bobby Sing

Hi Ramcharan, 
I think I have seen this film in which they have lost a child and then some ladies are there who know about it all......But still cant remember it completely. Would like to see it again before commenting on it.


Camaal Mustafa Sikander

There is also a novel LAWS OF THE SPIRIT WORLD by some Parsi couple. Some part of the movie looks inspired from the same, though haven\'t read the book completely.

Bobby Sing

Hi Camaal,
Yeah I have read that book and as I can remember its about the lost sons of a lady who can talk to them now somehow. The subject is the same but the references are more clearly taken from the sources mentioned here as I feel.

Parveen Harnam

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film, for the most part. I do not however appreciate the twist in the film. It was such a lazy ending! I have also recently discovered that many of the events and plot elements are copied/ borrowed from the 1973 film, Don\'t Look Now, mainly being this movie too has a grieving couple, a child who dies while drowning, strange supernatural occurences, seances and a physic who can "see dead people". It also borrowed the characteristics of the main characters of the film. It was sorely disappointing to discover this fact. Which part of this film was truly original, then?

Bobby Sing

Thanks Parveen Harnam for sharing your views with a valuable addition to the sources of inspirations here.
And I will soon add the new info in the article in my next update.

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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