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TASHAN - Unbelievably Pathetic. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

25 Apr, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

If this is a 2008 product from one of the biggest production house of Indian Film Industry (Yash Raj) then I am afraid Naseeruddin Shah was right in saying that “it will take us 100 more years to reach the quality of Hollywood Films”.

If you can go wrong to this length with such an enormous star cast of Anil, Akshay, Saif and Kareena, then movie making is still to be studied much harder by everyone associated with this film. The film lacks in almost all departments except cinematography and Akshay Kumar. He has a few good dialogues to render but that alone cannot make you enjoy a flick with huge expectations.
The first scene of a car going down into a river from the mountain has very cheap graphics like that of a cartoon film. That itself was a clear indicator of the director’s vision. Every actor who otherwise is an asset to a movie is simply wasted. And Saif will surely hit himself thinking why he signed this movie.
In short IT’S THE BIGGEST WASTE OF RESOURSES AFTER “JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM”. I would say that even “Aaja Nachle” was a better enjoyable movie than this.
One cannot understand how and why this kind of script was written and approved. After the faulty script the weakest point of the movie is its music. Vishal Shekhar have given just some filler tunes to each song. The songs start off very well and suddenly the tunes drop drastically. Only one song “Falak Tak Chal” is somehow good of all in the lot. An opportunity wasted by Vishal Shekhar.
Regarding the continuity intelligence of the makers just sample this : Akshay and Saif are on the road in the hilly area of a foreign Location (probably Ladakh). In the next scene they are searching for Kareena in Haridwar and then back in the hills with Kareena in the dicky of their car. I am still thinking who wrote this.
If you manage to sit till the last then the climax is too long with silly and unnecessary stunts. You can see all the heroes walking through the storm of bullets not hurt as if they are GOD. Are we still seeing a 2008 movie with all these technical heights achieved? 
So no more words on this pathetic and downgrade movie but an advice to senior actors from their fan.
Dear Anil Kapoor & Akshay Kumar,
If possible please ask for a preview of your movies after their first copy is out. As artists of such stature, you have certain responsibilities towards your fans and viewers. People still clap for you as you enter the screen in your first scenes respectively. I think this kind of movie should not see the daylight as it hampers the reputation of all associated with the movie, the actors and the production house both.
Rating : Half A Star (That also for Akshay’s effort only - Sorry!)

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