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TEES MAAR KHAN - Movie Review : With no declaration of being an official remake anywhere in its titles, I would take it as a shameless COPY of Peter Sellers AFTER THE FOX and that too way below the mark. (Review By Bobby Sing)

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The first thought which came to my mind after watching TEES MAAR KHAN was that “Jin Ke Apne Ghar Sheeshe Ke Hon Woh Doosro Per Patthar Nahin Maara Karte”. The dialogue fits on both brother sister duo Farah Khan and Sajid Khan as a T since it was Sajid Khan who used to reveal every inspired film and its original source in his T.V. show few years back. And now in the present both Sajid and Farah are coming up with the same kind of inspired films and also enjoying their box office success in an amusingly ignorable manner.

Talking about Farah Khan and her TMK, I already knew that the film was heavily inspired from the plot used in Peter Sellers AFTER THE FOX (1966). And as I expressed this view on Facebook, I was told that the film is an Official Remake and the producers have bought the rights for the same. The news did make me happy since this was the right way of doing it like Karan Johar did it in his WE ARE FAMILY. But sadly, there was no declaration of any sort anywhere in the starting titles or in the ending ones from the makers about its copyrights. Therefore I would take TEES MAAR KHAN as another shameless copy from the West which is surely not a decent gesture from anyone involved with the film. And in case they have bought the rights but not revealing it then I would further like to call it A SIMPLE ACT OF CHEATING the audiences, wherein you are hiding your actual source and don’t have any GUTS to admit in public that its not anything original of your own. Moreover, it was quite strange to see this kind of hurting product associated with the reputed house of UTV Productions.
Coming to the movie itself, in simple words it’s a very pale and mediocre interpretation of a very exciting plot. In fact I was quite surprised to see Farah Khan, ruining such a brilliant plot which could have worked like wonder having all the elements of fun and excitement in it. Revolving around the character of a wanted criminal Tees Maar Khan, the story mainly deals with a big heist planned by him fooling a whole village of innocent people including a policeman. The plot is as it is taken from the Peter Sellers famous Classic Comedy and even some jokes are adopted like a true remake. The only difference in both lies in the character played by Katrina Kaif. In the original, she is the sister of the famous criminal, who madly wants to feature in movies, whereas in TMK she is the girlfriend of the lead character having the similar kind of craze.
TMK starts as an uneven ride right from the start with a long plane sequence which is not able to raise enough laughs. The first half has no story development as such and the actual heist plan starts post intermission. As I feel, Farah Khan knew that she has got a weak first half and that’s why she very smartly included both the item songs, “Shiela Ki Jawaani” and “Wallah Wallah” in the first half of the movie itself to keep the viewers hooked in.
The second half starts off on a brighter note and does manage to entertain the viewer for a few moments. But then everything starts happening so easily that you lose the interest in the proceedings and the weak climax leaves you in a confused state where you start thinking, that what was it all about? From the performances view-point the film is one of the best guidebooks on hamming and overacting. In fact kudos to the director, Farah Khan for directing such a unique movie in which almost every single actor is hamming and overacting like never before. Yes, we know that this is her own style of making a film, but atleast it has to be entertaining for the audience, as it was in her last "Om Shanti Om".
Reviewing TMK in it various departments, I would like to write more about the movie in the following straight forward points.
A. The film simply wastes a great potential comic plot in all that hamming and overacting by its entire star-cast.
B. The only saving grace of the movie is “Shiela Ki Jawaani” song along with “Wallah Wallah” coming one after another in the first half.
C. Akshay Kumar does show his old comedy sparks at regular intervals, but here I would like to convey him that “there is a very thin line between confidence and over confidence which clearly shows off on the screen very easily. So please be aware of that”
D. Katrina Kaif should unarguably include TMK in her weakest or worst movies ever, as she just remains a mere show piece in the whole movie and has not got even a single good scene except the famous item song. In fact, I think some of her fans might question her that “Why you had to do it?”
E. Akshay Khanna can easily forget about this venture since he has done only shouting and hamming in all his scenes which is far away of being termed as Acting.
F. Raghu and his brother Rajiv, unexpectedly play complete contrasting characters on the screen moving away from their famous small screen images. And somebody tell them that they both look like fools in the movie, as the joined villain brothers, who just have to giggle and speak together in their few scenes. In the supporting cast Akshay’s three con friends are funny at places and Arya Babbar makes a feeble impact. But both Murli Sharman & Aman Verma in the role of two Officers try too hard to be funny.
G. Truly speaking, from the entire cast if any person made me laugh loudly in just a few scenes then it was Sudhir Pandey in his short role of Akshay Khanna’s secretary.
H. Musically, I didn’t find anything exciting in the soundtrack other than its innovative and catchy title track sung in different voice textures. Interestingly this track is credited to Shrish Kunder and the rest of the songs are from the famous musical duo Vishal-Shekhar who have done just an above average job. Frankly speaking, I even didn’t like “Shiela Ki Jawaani” a lot as I strongly feel that the song surely would not have become so famous minus Katrina Kaif in another project not backed up by any Akshay Kumar and Farah Khan. And in the Cinematography and Art direction department, TMK doesn’t have anything exceptional to showcase to the audience. However I would like to mention here the brilliant opening animation sequence of a child dancing in the womb, which was really well thought of and executed.
I. It was really amazing to see Shirish Kunder taking the whole credit of STORY and SCREENPLAY in the titles where in reality it is all taken from the cult Peter Seller movie almost entirely.
J. Farah's love for Manoj Kumar and his works continues in TMK too. But what a degrading way to use the hugely famous national integration song "Mere Desh Ki Dharti" in the climax.
K. Overall, coming from FARAH KHAN who gave us “Om Shanti Om” in the past, this is a weak project which works only in parts and fails to connect with the audience instantly.  With neither the lead character of a thief winning over the viewers nor his heist making the things exciting, the film fails to give you a wholesome entertainment as expected from its successful director.
In the end, I would only like to say that you can watch it if you are dying to see “Shiela Ki Jawaani” and her moves on the big wide screen along with Salman Khan dancing in “Wallah Wallah”, or if you are a big fan of watching Akshay Kumar in the comic genre. Otherwise just search for the DVD of the Original Peter Sellers Classic Comedy AFTER THE FOX and treat yourself with some good decent humor in your homes.
Rating : No Rating (Since its just a Shameless Copy and even if they have bought the rights, they never disclosed it in front of the viewers by writing that in their titles.)

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24 Dec 2010 / Comments ( 10 )

Good review. I am glad you feel so strongly about brazen plagiarism. These so called artists need to be taught a lesson.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Free_Verse for your appreciation and yes I do feel that the actual creator should at least get his credit where ever its due.

Keep Visiting and writing in.......Cheers!


hi bobby

i m agree with vinay for sure.

but this time i wonder how u rate TMK? i mean 1.5/10.

I thought u wud give in minus.!!! Since this is the most pathetic movie ever made in bollywood i think. i had literally strong headache after watching it. i had to take pain killer. this is the worst than CCC, Khatta mitha, action reply every movie of akki since last 2 yrs. he is breaking his own record of being big big bore.

wonder how producers are ready to take him further.

uska to ek movie release hota hai dusre ka promo aa jata hai....now coming PATIALA HOUSE.....dont know ye hindi movie industry ko aur kitana niche le ke jayenga....somebody pls stop him.....

& what to talk about katerina.....i never consider her as a actress since she cant do acting. she just in film to grace the screen with her beauty...but this time she was not even adorable...she was dumb like hell.

Bobby im big fan of urs....i admire ur writing & ur knowledge for world cinemas...im not asking why u cut 3.5 from 5? but pls explain for what u gave 1.5? im not challenging u but its my frustration for TMK...im in trauma.

I m now worried for where our movie industry is heading....shit yaar...pardon my language...

thanks fro allowing me to throw my anger...

Bobby Sing

Hi Himanshu,

Feeling Sorry for Akshay and Farha, but I simply refuse to give any kind of stars to the movie since its not anything original from all these big names.

I really cant bear the people taking credit of some other director's work in the world of cinema taking advantage of the lack of awareness in the viewers.

So for me its not even worth of even half a star.

Keep Visiting and writing in..........Cheers!


Great to read such bold movie reviews. One of the worst movies I had ever seen.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Gurjeet for your encouraging words...........yeah it surely was a pretty bad movie.

Keep Visiting and writing in.......Cheers!



Bobby Sing

Dear Chandan,

I suppose you havent read my review at all as this is what I have clearly mentioned in my review heading too.

In clear words, let me once more mention here, that even when anyone has taken the rights of the Original but hasnt got the GUTS to openly admit it and write in big words in the opening titles of the film itself then I would straight take it as "AN ACT OF CHEATING WITH THE AUDIENCE".

It simply means that you are acting to be OVER INTELLIGENT to have bought the rights for your SAFETY but are too Shy or Shameful to admit in the open, telling everyone who is watching your movie in the theater.

For a common moviegoer unless it is mentioned anywhere in the titles, it is a FARAH KHAN film and she has COPIED.

In this context, I think KARAN JOHAR and his team is bold enough to admit that they are REMAKING a movie and presenting before the audience.

So for me unless you mention and admit it openly in your interviews and titles of the film (that you are remaking it officially), IT IS A SHAMELESS COPY.

Thanks and Keep Writing in.......Cheers! 


Kapil Batra


Bobby Sing

Thanks Kapil, for making your request to Farah here.

Keep Visiting and writing in.....Cheers!

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