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TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA - Movie Review : You can watch this all inspired stuff only for Genelia. (Review By Bobby Sing)

25 Feb, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / T / Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

Spoiler : The review reveals the basic storyline of the film in order to disclose its various inspirational sources.

One of Bollywood’s oldest but most used formula is to mix concepts taken from more than one Hit movies and then mash them together to make a new film for its audience. Incidentally both the movies released this week can be studied as a perfect example of this trend followed by the Hindi Film Industry from decades. But moving ahead of the uninteresting JODI BREAKERS, here we have a little better film in comparison, revolving around the same old concept of Love which starts developing between the lead couple as the film progresses and then they happily unite together after a dramatic climax.
As far as the recipe of TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA goes, it straight away lifts or copies its first hour from Danny Boyle’s A LIFE LESS ORDINARY (1997) which might have come across the makers while researching on the director, post his SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. The opening sequences where Riteish loses his job, thinks of taking a revenge from his employer Tinnu Anand, goes to his house, get holds of a gun from security men and then unintentionally kidnaps Tinnu’s daughter Genelia in a funny manner have all been taken from the English flick as it is. Amusingly in TNLHG, when Riteish is counting 1,2,3 with his fingers on the trigger, then Genelia says 3 from behind and the Gun goes off, whereas in the original Cameron Diaz says 5 and we hear the shot. Later, all the scenes of couple entering a deserted house by breaking the glass and then calling home for ransom, are also copied in this Hindi version in the most truthful manner. However the difference here is that in TNLHG, its Genelia who forces Riteish to kidnap her willingly, whereas in the original it’s the boy who takes the call. And that is the only authentic insertion tried by the director in this first half with another sequence at the petrol pump entirely copied from ZOMBIELAND (2009)
Post intermission the English influence gets replaced by our own Bollywood Hits like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge or Jab We Met along with their Punjabi flavor, where either the boy or the girl is living with the family of the other and starts winning the hearts of its every important member with his cute gestures. In the present version it is the girl, Genelia who stays with Riteish’s family, who are famous for their abduction profession all over the region. And then after this whole process of love in the air, it all ends with a dramatic climax as usual with a pinch of little suspense to keep your interest alive.
So this is the recipe of Bollywood’s latest romantic comedy made on the same old formula tried several times before. The film has an above average soundtrack by Sachin-Jigar which also has a Punjabi number sung by the current rage of Punjab, Diljeet and that is an intelligent addition to create some ripples in the North belt. Being in Punjabi Pop business from many years, TIPS very well knows this art of value-addition and they keep on using the same in their productions on a regular basis. Cinematography captures the outdoors of Punjab and its surrounding Hills well, which keeps the freshness intact despite of its repetitive storyline.
But then why TNLHG is being rated here as much better than the rest? That’s because it has a light, refreshing feel throughout, perfectly supported by the chemistry between the newly-wed couple, Riteish and Genelia. In fact Genelia’s spirited performance along with the underplaying Riteish remains the key feature of this otherwise routine rom-com offering you the same old stuff in a new bottle. Genelia looks great and acts well showing his perfect comic timing especially in the second half. Her scenes along with the veteran Om Puri are the highlight of the film in its second hour.

So, even if TERE NAAL LOVE HO GAYA doesn’t offer anything new in the name of content, storyline or execution, it can still be seen once only for Genelia.

Raings : 2.5 / 5

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25 Feb 2012 / Comments ( 4 )
Jithin Mathew thomas
Dear Bobby Sir,
As the oscars are over,it would be nice if we could get to know your response for the various winners this year.On what you think were other potential movies,ur review about the artist,the pakistani documentary etc .Please post them if you get the time.Regards Jithin Mathew
Bobby Sing

Hi Jithin,
I would surely post about the movies as and when I get to watch each one of them. But the one which got the right award was "A SEPARATION" in foreign films category.
But I do keep posting some small updates on my FACEBOOK wall about everything, so do be in touch there if possible.
And thanks for your comment too.


amit joshi

One of the worst, pathetic and boring movie of 2012.

I dont understand how one can laugh or enjoy a movie which has no story, drama, emotion, character or worthy dialogue............nobody finds it funny when bullets are firing in the air.............."Leave your brain at home when you watch comedy" era has gone with Govinda and it will never come back as he did situational comedy with amazing spontaneous dialogue delivery. Hope you better understand than us.

Still you gave it 2.5 :) only for Genelia :)

Bobby Sing

Hi Amit, 
Bollywood makes more worst movies than TNLHG so it wasnt one of the worst surely.

However it was a bad attempt for me as it was all copied unofficially from other movies. I didnt rate such movies earlier as they are nothing but a copy. But later on as there were many request to rate such movies too for the viewers convenience, I started rating them at the site.

Now coming to TNLHG it is certainly not good but it also isnt among the worst ones and has also done decent business at the box office, mainly due to Genelia and its second half featuring Om Puri.

However you are very right in saying that those gone years of watching Govinda along with David Dhawan are surely not going to return in the near future. Comedy in Bollywood has really taken a sharp turn towards a blind end and all we can do is just keep our hopes alive and fingers crossed.


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