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THE CREMATION GROUND - A Holy Place that needs to be respected like a Meditation Hall or a Sacred Place of Teaching. (Few Life Inspiring Words - 16)

22 Jan, 2013 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / FEW LIFE INSPIRING WORDS & POSITIVE SHARES

A recent visit to the Cremation Ground for the last rituals of a life fully lived, forced me to think about the sanctity of the place once again. The place which no longer seems to be the same as it used to be a few decades ago when we were kids. In those years we used to become frightened chatting about it, would feel uncomfortable hearing its name and were extremely scared of even passing in front of its huge gate for some unknown reasons (which we got to understand later explained by the life itself). But that was not just our state of mind, as we remember seeing many adults behaving in the similar manner too, in front of us like kids. So, the place unarguably had a much higher, respectful and even frightful perception in our hearts like a place of worship a few decades before.
However at present, the scenario has changed drastically, wherein the words FEAR or RESPECT don’t seem to be living around the place anymore and the people don’t even look like remembering the term ‘INROSPECTION’ in those few minutes they spend in that sacred premises.
So on that dark rainy day, as I watched the body language and insane gestures of the people moving besides the rising red-yellow flames burning the lifeless body, I could only think of these few words that,
“Either the man has surpassed all possible phases of human evolution and has already got The Ultimate Enlightenment OR He has simply understood and won over the term GOD through all his worldly achievements and has now got no FEAR of whatsoever in his mind.”
Because the above seems to be the only reason which can give the much needed courage to a person that he feels no shame in picking up his loudly ringing mobile phone, standing right in between the burning bodies and then even goes on having a few minutes conversation on it, walking some careless steps to and fro without any fear.
Today, The Man surely seems to have overcome all the possible divine spiritual powers since he now feels no harm in discussing the rainfall or the extreme cold of the season standing in between the mourning family and can even ask the current score of the ongoing match quietly from a friend standing at the back. To add further, it gave me the shock of my life when I even saw few men standing besides the burning pyre for long, just to feel some heat in the unbearable cold of the season.
The 21st Century man undoubtedly seems to have risen above all levels of human consciousness as he completely feels at ease to even check his FACEBOOK comments, Tweets and Missed Calls on his mobile, while standing behind one of the family member shedding tears for the beloved he has lost.
And The New Age Man undeniably has got nothing more to win or prove to the ALMIGHTY since he finds no need of any kind of silence or meditation to be practiced in those few precious minutes spent in the cremation ground.
Because in the end, its always another person and the other’s family which is on the suffering end and not me!
The experience of watching such absurdities displayed by many brave grown-ups present there, made me feel as if the place is in fact not a learning or meditating place any more as it used to be for many mystics and spiritual Gurus in the past. A place where they all used to meditate on the very truth of life only to come back refreshed in order to help the mankind. A place, which actually had the power to transform and enlighten a human being in a split of a second showing him his own end like a mirror. 
Perhaps in this mad commercialization of the monetary world, the place has lost the ability to awaken, enlighten or even frighten the today’s man showing him the end which he is going to meet too, sooner or later, without any exception.
It seems that today the mankind has simply lost it or in other words we have all lost it completely. Because, if the sanctity of a Cremation Ground is not accepted or realized then man has honestly lost the only place which could provide him an instant blessed enlightenment in absence of any Living Guru or Master.
If truth be told, then the place needs to be respected as ‘A Divine Sacred Scripture’ or ‘A  Holy Land’ as it deserves no lesser respect than that being our only final destination……..! And we all should ideally bow down before entering or even surpassing the premises like a divine religious place since there is no other bigger LIVE teacher than this in the entire universe who can show us the one & only truth at our face……….that is OUR DEATH.
With a hope that we all get our good old sanity back in life soon…………I would like to end with a life-teaching line from Sri Guru Granth Sahib by Bhagat Ravidas Ji and it says,
“Maati Ko Putra, Kaise Nachat Hai!”
(Look how the puppet called man made of sand,
forgetfully dances in his timely life given!)


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22 Jan 2013 / Comments ( 5 )

Hi, There is this terminology "dispassion of the crematorium'. When one visits this place, he feels completely cut off for that moment - he realises that whatever he does / achieves, etc...... finally his place is here. This phrase is found in the book  "Happiness at Work", by Srikumar Rao. Apart from this, there are so many other concepts in the book. It is one of the most brilliant book and should be made compulsory in all colleges. Bye Kumar  

Bobby Sing

Hi Kumar,
Thanks for visiting and writing in giving your precious time.
Honestly though the comment didnt say anything about what I had expressed in the article, still thanks for the recommendation and I would surely look into it at the earliest.

Hi Bobby, Let me write in detail. I completely agree with you on the new technologically challenged generation has nothing on the sorrow meter. What I was mentioning was for the close family members who actually feel and expeience the loss. The others who accompany are the crowd. Histotically and as per general practice, a person is not supposed to go to a crematorium if his parents are alive. The first time is when the father expires and he experiences it first hand. However, some parents do allow the same. Unfortunately the essence of accompanying someone who is no more is not there. I have been to many a crematoriums - I can easily identify the real people - and these are very very few. The first test is who helps in setting up the "Arthi" - the bamboos, chatai, rope, pot, etc.. Hardly anyone. The second is who gets the lifeless person from the house to the "Arthi" - hardly few. Either they are scared or what - I do not know. After it is placed in the "Arthi" all come forward to lift it till the ambulance. Trust me, I have seen all this happen again and again with alarming regularity. The book I mentioned is for the few real people. Actually I am very happy that you have gone beyond films and taken topics on freedom, cremation, etc. Bye
Bobby Sing

Hi Kumar,
As per Sikhism, the cremation ground is a place where everyone is allowed to go and at any age. In fact after the creamation Sikhs also sing a few Shabads or recite Paath in the hall and then move out of the place heading towards a Gurdwara. So there are no restrictions whatsoever for anyone visiting the cremation ground in Sikhism. And regarding the other rituals post death of a person, I have always seen every single person helping in the rituals from the people gathered. But yes a few do have their fears and stay back.

Anyway thanks a lot for your detailed reply and would try to get the book soon.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Brijinder Paul Singh Sethi

Dear S. Bobby Singh ji, its just by chance that I have been able to read your article on cremation ground. Though nearly 70,and having visited hundreds of such gatherings at this holy place, never thought of such a description. Of course never felt like penning it down or share with others  the emotions of a 'visitor to the crematorium'. This topic, though very touching and may even be a 'horrible' experience for first time visitor is the last reality of journey called 'life' . Everything  every single degree, passion  gratitude  sincerity or sins, favouritism or being favoured  fights, emotions, etc., everything ends there and we carry a blank mind after leaving this place..no jealousy  hatred, expectations or any worldly favour from the deceased become immaterial after passing away of the person who is lying on the 'arthi'  One thing definitely comes to everyone's mind.. 'we too have to come here' assan ve oththe jana-e'. Let's prey once again for the departed souls whom we left one the pyres . B P Singh Sethi  Chennai  05.04.2020..5.58am

Bobby Sing

Dear B P Singh Sethi Ji,
Many thanks for reading, understanding the feelings and appreciating the effort made to portray it all in a few words. Your comment truly gives away the reality and I feel satisfied seeing the message being conveyed as desired.

Sending my sincere wishes, would also like apologise for the late reply.

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