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THE NUN (Movie Review) (English/Hindi) - Doesn't deliver the expected scares or mystery as a big disappointment. - By Bobby Sing

08 Sep, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

She made us scream and shiver with fear in her short appearances in the previous films and then successfully managed to do the same in the trailers too raising the expectations of getting some scariest stuff in a film solely focusing on her character alone. 
However the result turns out to be exactly opposite of the big expectations made, as THE NUN neither comes up with any compelling mystery nor the much awaited spine chilling scares making more noise for nothing deceiving the true fans of the series/genre.
Directed by Corin Hardy, it cleverly links up the characters with the famous 'Conjuring' storyline but completely fails to deliver post some engaging sequences in the beginning showcasing a nun’s suicide. Following the set standard template, the director strangely keeps focusing on the ambience, eerie background score, uninteresting explanations and all forced humour throughout without coming to the point of scaring its audience in the theater. 
As a result, you feel like simply fooled towards the end by this silly business of making prequels and sequels without any great content in hand relying on the hype generated. Moreover, THE NUN rarely comes out of the dark and you seldom get any relief moment with bright light on the screen preparing you for the next night sequence, which eventually becomes the biggest drawback of this awful dud, good for nothing. 
In short, just a couple of minutes long trailer was much more enjoyable, frightening as well as entertaining in comparison to this less than two hours film. And that should say it all as an indicative review of the most disappointing part of The Conjuring series to be straight, which questionably yet again hints towards a sequel ending on an open note.
But wait, this time we also have a rare addition of Jesus’s blood being used to send back the evil demon. Now don’t say that the idea straight away seems to be borrowed from our own Ramsay Brothers scripts.
Rating : 1 / 5

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