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THEERAN ADHIGAARAM ONDRU (Tamil/2017) - A rock solid, action packed crime thriller revolving around a scary real life case. (Review by Bobby Sing)

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An outstanding, edge of the seat, solid, action packed investigation thriller, THEERAN ADHIGAARAM ONDRU (meaning Brave - Chapter One) is Tamil film written and directed by H. Vinoth based on all true events of Operation Bawarja Case. A rare investigation, wherein a group of ruthless unknown killers were tracked down by the key officers of Tamil Nadu police from Uttar Pradesh post a long painful search all over the country about a decade back. 

The heavily armed dacoits used to attack rich families living along National Highways in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh at early hour of the morning (or late night) and never left anyone alive mercilessly killing them with the methods used for hunting wild animals. The only evidence they left in such unheard of killings was of a few finger prints and the efficient Police officers tracked their existence through this one clue alone making an extensive all India search.

The only drawback of the film is the forced insertion of a typical romantic track (featuring Rakul Preet Singh) and the songs in the opening half an hour, which though isn’t boring but unnecessary for sure added just to fulfill the commercial needs of the project. Having said that, the melody is still there and the songs are not just some poor below average compositions disturbing the otherwise extremely fast pace of the film.
Once this initial romantic phase is over, the narration gets into its real scary mode offering a superfine mix of a shocking ambience, pulsating background score, exceptional cinematography, brilliant edit and a stupendous execution pumping the blood with fantastic lead performances both from the hero (Karthi) and the villain (Abhimanyu Singh) along a well-chosen supporting cast making a stunning impact.
For friends only into watching Hindi cinema, if you loved the experience offered by John Matthew Mattan/Aamir Khan’s SARFAROSH (1999), then you are simply going to adore and appreciate this even more as it surpasses all the expectations raised emerging as a worthy winner.
So go for it and do yourself a favour also knowing more about the history of Thugee tribes in the country operating since many centuries.
Ratings - 4 / 5 
Note : The film is now available online at Amazon Prime platform.

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24 Dec 2017 / Comments ( 4 )

Just finished watching it sir... as I always try to do for any of your recommended regional movies.. Though i personally felt that sarfarosh was way better but this one is definitely hundread times better than regular southie trashes being served in tv channels.. Abhimanyu was a treat to watch as usual.. And fyi - the movie was not completely correct depecting "thugees" of bengal as the graphical presentation missed the most imp part of why they were called thugees. (Just a gave a glimpse in the graphical presentation). P.S. Not sure why soneone compared TAO with TZH!!!  Gdnt sir.. 

Bobby Sing

Sarfarosh was great too and so is this with a different kind of innovative treatment on screen.
And regarding THUGEE explanation, they might have missed some finer points but the effort was really worth applauding.
Glad that you watched and liked it too.

Suchith Chandran
Dear Bobby Jee, Please correct the following sentence "is Tamil film written and directed by Sathuranga Vettari" The film directed by H.Vinodh. Sathuranga vetta is directorial debut. Thanks, Suchith
Bobby Sing

Thanks for pointing out the correction Suchith.
It now stands correct with the right credits.
Keep visiting and writing in.

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