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THIS IS IT - Review : Thanks for making it available for all MJ fans world over.

04 Nov, 2009 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

“This Is It” is a fine collection of The KING OF POP’s final energetic rehearsals for the most awaited show of this century, which sadly couldn’t see the limelight of reality. It’s like MICHAEL’S last precious gift for his countless fans, who were desperately waiting for his grand comeback on stage. A well conceived idea to satisfy the inner urge of every individual who loved MJ, the feature is a simple & honest presentation of his trial performances amongst hundreds of dancers and crew members.

With no support of additional gimmicks, graphics or melodramatic moments, the film truly delivers what was being promoted, the elaborate clippings of MJ’s lavish on-stage rehearsals and that’s it. Neither interested in any controversy nor indicating any mysterious happenings in those few days, the back stage docu-feature is just pure & clean entertainment especially prepared for Jackson’s diehard fans as his last offering. Surprisingly, as speculated in the news, not even for one second Jackson seems to be ill or on medication of any sort in the rehearsals. Looking at MJ practicing hard with full spirits and the preparations being planned at a grand scale, it was indeed going to be one of the best shows ever in the history of entertainment. But as life always has some hidden plans in its kitty, the event was only meant to be seen as the loving memories of the KING.

Amusingly the feature also showcases many other creative abilities of the Master Craftsmen apart from his world famous skills of a singer, composer, lyricist, dancer and choreographer. He actively participates in stage planning, presentation and even direction of his “Final Curtain Show”. Especially concerned about the start and finish of his each & every composition chosen for the event, he humbly instructs his co-dancers, musicians and director, explaining the exact details of what he wants to be there in front of his fans. And these are those exclusive unseen sequences, which make it a must watch for every MJ fan and lover of music living anywhere in the world.

The movie ends with one of his most meaningful songs appreciated worldwide, called “Earth Song”. And the song brings out the hidden, sensitive and thinking persona of the Master on the stage. He beautifully talks with his crew, explaining the thought process behind the song and asks them to live a peaceful life, loving and caring about each other like a big family.

His message may not have reached many in the exact way and his meaningful works may have got lost in those unwanted & over famous controversies. But for his fans, he will always be remembered as the First and Last KING OF POP who celebrated music on this planet for 50 years.

And as wished by MJ himself, every true appreciator of art & music, would love to see this lovely world, living with peace and love forever.

But there is only one person with whom you can initiate the holy process and that’s “The Man In The Mirror”………….!

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04 Nov 2009 / Comment ( 1 )
rahul pandit

I love the mj dance and his body movements  and one reguest - I want to download This is it video if anyone can give me any website.


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