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TIGER ZINDA HAI - Solely focusing on action and guns this simply makes a mess of a potential real life plot. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)
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The sequel to EK THA TIGER (2012) coming after a gap of five years is a perfect example of how a ‘star-led commercial venture’ completely ruins an otherwise potential plot based on a real life event.

Revealing the actual scenario, here at one end director Ali Abbas Zafar thoughtfully adapts the scary ‘Indian Nurses Abduction’ incident of 2014 in his sequel TIGER ZINDA HAI, but on the other simply forgets to give any kind of emphasis on their tragic story at all and just exploits it as a ‘useful patriotic plot’ to desperately win over Khan's fans living at both sides of the border and abroad.

Despite being a spy-adventure, the film neither provides any adrenalin rush nor is any entertaining action packed thriller moving at a flat pace throughout with no excitement whatsoever. The proceedings get completely exhausted in a painfully stretched length reaching a predictable climax and just the well-choreographed action sequences and the gunshots keep you awake along a fiery Salman.
In short, the film actually isn’t interested in telling you anything about what exactly happened with the group of Nurses in Iraq, brutally using them as a mere plot and nothing else. So in case you are really interested in knowing or watching a ‘not-to-be-missed’ gem showcasing the incident in a brilliant, outstanding manner then watch Malayalam film TAKE OFF at the earliest, available at the leading online portals with English Subtitles…… and do yourself a favour.
Rating : 1.5 / 5
The continuous issue of Increased Ticket Prices

Unless every increase in ticket price of a biggie is not equalised by a similar reduction in prices for the smaller films....., such practice is nothing but an OPEN UNCONTROLLED LOOT by the Multiplexes for which even the Industry remains silent as they too get an extra share of the pie as a prize for forgetting and not thinking about the general audience.
But addressing the issue, BTC will continue to deduct one star from the ratings of such venture revolting against the blunt exploitation.
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