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TRIP TO BHANGARH - Another poor attempt in the name of Horror ruining a highly interesting, potential plot. (Review By Bobby Sing)
29 Aug, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases

Many of the friends here would neither have heard about this small film nor the place called Bhangarh, so they might be wondering what its all about, in the first place. Therefore to have an exact idea, I would like to suggest that you should first Google about Bhangarh once to amaze yourself and then feel the excitement by just reading about it through many reputed sources including the Archeological Department itself authenticating the stories spread with their clear instructions.
However, the excitement felt while reading about the place doesn’t get served well after watching the film, since it doesn’t take you into any horror genre to be specific but remains a mere suspense-thriller drama made with a confused mindset targeting the young audience in particular. So in short it’s a great opportunity missed as I see it because this was the first feature film made on the subject mentioning it in its title too, which could have been the premises of a great spooky movie offering some exceptional content.
Sadly what the director keeps focusing on in the film is not Bhangrah but the five college friends and their individual conversations or relationships, which takes away all the magic from the highly potential plot, quite weirdly. Moreover what can one say about the vision of its makers which allowed them to include not 1 or 2 but 5 love/youthful songs in a project which was supposed to be a horror film. In fact when the fifth song was there (and the most pathetic one with the lyrics suggesting “I am there for you Free of Cost”), one could easily hear voices saying, “Oh God!”, “Oh No”, “Not Again” from the viewers expressing their disappointment loudly.
In clear words, though the title of the film says TRIP TO BHANGARH, its story progression is more interested in talking about the trip, instead of the experience itself, becoming its biggest drawback. The actual visit to Bhangarh is there for just a few minutes in the mid and the rest of the film is all about the ‘controversial trip’ having its own consequences, without any horror element incorporated in the (almost) 2 hours of duration. The first 40 minutes introduce you to the group of five friends along with 3 mediocre songs and the last 40 focus on the strange incidents happening after they return from the trip with another 2 love songs squeezed in forcibly. So its only the middle 15-20 minutes which actually show you the trip one feels excited for.
Still what really hurts the most is its silly culmination turning the film into another mediocre crime drama on the lines of earlier ventures like TABLE NO. 21 (2013) and CHITKABREY (2011). The young boys and girls playing the lead try hard to emote well but succeed only to a limited extent, mainly due to the messy direction and irritating songs coming repeatedly. Plus the girl confidently saying all those cuss words becomes another reason for putting you off, quite often. The cinematography and background score remain average and so does the writing department except the dialogue writers who do seem to have a good knack of double meaning stuff which might appeal to a specific section of viewers in a bigger film with some known cast.
In all, this is certainly a major opportunity missed by the makers having cracked a perfect potential plot for a worth watching horror film awaited by the starving audience. So even when the viewers here are ready to convert a good horror film into a big hit, our film-makers are somehow not willing or capable of giving them the same since many years now.
Rating : 1 / 5 (Including 0.5 just for the courage shown on making a film on Bhangarh.)

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