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TUBELIGHT - Will it be a much better, entertaining film based on an average LITTLE BOY? (Articles On Cinema By Bobby Sing)

21 Jun, 2017 | Articles on Cinema

The hit actor-director duo Salman Khan and Kabir Khan are back with their new film TUBELIGHT once again releasing around EID continuing with their smart business strategy. However this time the confidence level is not that high as it was before BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN, since TUBELIGHT is officially based on an English film titled LITTLE BOY. And the fact is actually a troubling one as the original flick is not any great, entertaining movie despite having its entire focus on an innocent small boy willing to bring back his father from war.
By now, you might have read and seen a lot about the similar points between the two films and its key characters. But the mystery remains that how much Kabir Khan has deviated from the original, adding some new insertions in order to make it thoroughly engaging and entertaining as an expected Salman blockbuster. 
Released in 2015, LIITLE BOY is an American war-drama directed by Alejandro Monteverde which majorly revolves around war but doesn’t have any extensive war sequences to be precise. It neither moves you as a war film nor impresses as a sensitive take on the issue seen through the eyes of an innocent, neglected boy. The title is actually with reference to the code name given to the Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima called LITTLE BOY. And the film basically points towards the power in the concept of FAITH taught to the young kid by a magician, a priest and an old loner through their individual, specialized skills.
The film offers no engaging or worth watching events till the faith of ‘little boy’ starts working and even those sequences turn out to be highly unbelievable and over the top due to an unexciting execution.
So knowing its basic premise, it will be interesting to see how Kabir Khan adapts LITTLE BOY’s potential idea and turns it into a much better, entertaining and emotionally moving film through his competent writing and direction. The title TUBELIGHT has reportedly been taken from a Kannada film, Shah Rukh Khan is supposedly there playing a cameo and a Chinese actress Zhu Zhu has also been roped in widening its international reach and appeal.  
Though the music/songs released have generated an uninspiring mixed response, hope the above mentioned features collectively result in a much enjoyable film this Friday far better than the original LITTLE BOY.
(The article also got featured in UC-News mobile app in June 2017) 

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