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TUM MILO TOH SAHI - Movie Review : Watch it for Nana, Dimple and Vidya. (Review By Bobby Sing)

02 Apr, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

The concept of incorporating more than one story in a movie running parallel to each other is not anything new to Bollywood. The trend which has been earlier tried in numerous famous projects gets repeated in Tum Milo To Sahi, but thankfully in a much better way. Moving ahead of many other movies made on the similar pattern, director Kabir Sadanand’s latest venture has got something to say with many worth watching moments and a well directed climax.

Revolving around 3 different love stories dealing with distinctive age groups, TMTS starts off calmly with the introduction of Dimple Kapadia as a Parsi lady running a coffee home and Nana Patekar as a 50 plus person desiring an extension in his job. Facing the refusal from his boss, Nana is forced to spend a retired life alone and gets a little eccentric due to that. But in reality it’s his eccentric behavior on the screen which transforms the movie into a not to be missed experience and impresses. In straight words, TMTS completely belongs to Nana Patekar alone before the climax. Especially watch out for his scenes with the small kid and as a first time lawyer in the court. Although Nana's character is written on the similar lines of  his own "Prahaar", but that doesn't take away any charm out of his superb act of a retired lawyer cum clerk in the movie. However in the last court room sequence, it’s Dimple Kapadia who takes the final moment lead and brilliantly showcases her still unexplored hidden potential as a veteran.

Both Nana Patekar & Dimple Kapadia are simply terrific in their scenes together. They convey a lot more through their expressive eyes and silence. The short and intelligent dialogues given to them post intermission, contribute greatly towards the inspiring impact of their individual acts. But sadly, the movie is not able to rise to the level of a masterpiece due to various reasons. The most important one being its editing, which needed to be more tight and crisp. There are several scenes in the first half which are quite slow and tend to drag. Particularly the plot around the young Rehan & Anjana is not engrossing enough. It only proves to be the usual stuff with nothing new to say, contradicting the other two interesting stories running simultaneously. Apart from that, the movie has many unwanted songs which all should have been avoided in the first place. Surprisingly it even has an item number featuring Tanisha (Kajol’s sister) doing a very unexpected sexy kind of dance number. In fact it’s only the title track, which sounds soothing to the ears and rightly provides the much needed musical support to the theme.

Another noticeable merit of the movie is Vidya Maldave who looks stunning in the role of  Suniel Shetty’s wife and acts like an experienced master of the art. Her persona is both pleasant and hot, very similar to that of Madhuri Dixit, the still remembered queen of the gone era. Suniel Shetty as the husband caught in the dilemma struggles in the start but later delivers a controlled performance towards the end. The story featuring Suniel & Vidya deals with a very important & relevant question that, Is money and status symbol in the society more important than human relationships and family?

Rehan Khan & Anjana Sukhani as the young couple of the third story are both pleasantly natural. But their story becomes the weakest part of the movie. The child playing the foreign returned kid is extremely confident. Among the rest, Mohnish Behl gives his usual kind of act and Raghav Sachar looks fresh in his small cameo. But couldn’t figure out why Raghav repeatedly shows off his skills of playing various musical instruments in all his ventures. Sandesh Shandilya, as the music director comes up with a good title song but rest all lack the melody part in them. Cinematography is perfect which would be enjoyed more by the Mumbaikars and the people pretty familiar with Mumbai and its living style.

Summing up, TMTS is director Kabir Sadanand’s second project in which he surely proves himself miles ahead of his first movie. He undoubtedly has got the talent to handle a sensitive project. But I seriously wish he had chosen another basic plot, different than the one used in TMTS. The story of rich people trying to vacant an old house and capture it for their own modernized plans has already been used umpteen times before in Hindi Movies and has got no novelty left in it.

Still the movie uses the plot in an entertaining way and the end result is worth watching for its three main performers namely, Nana Patekar, Dimple Kapadia and Vidya Maldave. So you should certainly give it a try!

Rating : 3 / 5

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02 Apr 2010 / Comment ( 2 )
How do we know

IĀ agree completely with the Vidya Malvade bit. She reminds me also of Antara Mali - very talented, but unlucky in her career... hopefully, things will be better for Vidya - she deserves it so.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for your comment. I hope Vidya gets a meaty role one day to prove herself.

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