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TUMHARI SULU - A good film that keeps struggling to rise above 'just good'. (Review by Bobby Sing)

18 Nov, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

Taking forward an idea adapted from Vidya Balan’s role in LAGEY RAHO MUNNA BHAI, the pleasant news is that TUMHARI SULU is a good film. But the unpleasant news is that despite having great performances and an exciting plot, it keeps struggling to rise above ‘the fine one time watch level’ and remains unable to do so for various reasons.
Stating its merits first, it’s a Vidya Balan film from start to finish and she once again nails it playing the role of a lesser educated but spirited, energetic house-wife, willing to prove herself and support her family too by taking up the opportunity of hosting a late night (tempting) radio show. Especially scoring well in its sequences at home and interaction within the close relatives, the narration is sure going to make an instant connect with the women watching the film in particular relating it to their own experiences. Manav Kaul as the husband comes up with an equally impressive act complimenting Vidya and the same can be said for Neha Dhupia, Vijay Maurya and the supporting cast too making a fine contribution. Personally I loved watching the radio stations scenes a lot in the first half.
In the negatives, the film lacks innovative writing and fails to fully exploit an interestingly refreshing plot rising above the level of just good. After a while it all goes into a predictable ABHIMAAN mode and the extremely slow pace becomes a major obstacle. 
Besides the unnecessary songs and another recreated classic track 'Hawa Hawai'(inserted blindly following the trend), severely affects the film in its latter half. The sub-plot of their young kid falls flat in absence of any solid writing and the choice of hosting a late night seductive show using the original name, openly disclosing it to all, even to the young son and close relatives seems to be too unrealistic and weird.
In all, TUMHARI SULU is no doubt a good debut attempt by director Suresh Triveni and can also be seen for once enjoying the lead performances. But it’s a pity that Hindi Cinema stops at being just good, underutilizing an otherwise potential plot, not giving the required emphasis and importance to ‘the writing’.
Rating : 3 / 5
(Note: The article was also published on UC-News Mobile App in November 2017)
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One of the biggest problems of Hindi Cinema is that even if it goes for a fresh plot, it does that half-heartedly making way for many unrequired songs (recreated tracks) and more focusing on the ‘star’ alone, seriously hampering the entire project. 
TUMHARI SULU also remains one of the above mentioned films, that can surely be called a fine debut attempt by director Suresh Triveni in terms of enjoyable, natural performances and a realistic ambience. However overall it still remains just a good, one time watch film that  keeps struggling to rise above the level of ‘just good’.


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