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Teree Sang (2009), Juno (2007), Jeni Juno (2005) & Kya Kehna (2000)

17 Aug, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / Hollywood Gets Inspired / T

Satish Kaushik comes up with his own take on “Minor Pregnancy” in “Teree Sang”. Introducing new faces on the screen, he starts off brilliantly in the first half, but then decides to play it soft, according to the social norms of our society. He doesn’t go the bold way as compared to Kundan Shah, who surprised the Indian viewers with his novel approach on the subject in “Kya Kehna” released in the year  2000.

But since “Kya Kehna” dealt with “Adult Pregnancy” so “Teree Sang” is not being compared with it. Instead there are numerous articles calling it as a take-off from the Oscar winner “Juno” (2007) which for a change, talks about the same subject but with a comic touch. Satish Kaushik does not agree with the blame and insists that it was his own original idea. However the movie (in its second half) takes references from many hit Bollywood Love Stories such as Maine Pyar Kiya, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Love Story.

Interestingly “Juno” which came in 2007, is also said to be inspired from a Korean film, “Jeni Juno” released in 2005. Though the makers of “Juno” too deny this inspiration angle but still the similarity in their names confuses a lot.

Whosoever may have been inspired, but the main point of discussion here is that was it Kundan Shah, who came up with this idea originally for the first time? Because his “Kya Kehna” was the first one to be made on this controversial topic, out of all the names taken here. His path breaking movie featuring Priety Zinta in the brave role of a young mother, came in the year 2000, whereas all the other movies stated above came into existence much later.

So, it seems, Indian Cinema was the leader here in developing this Original Idea for a movie and the rest took it from there. If it’s true, (as I am not informed about any other similar movie before that) then Kundan Shah really deserves all the praises for his unique, innovative and creative thinking style. Great Work done!

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17 Aug 2009 / Comments ( 5 )
Hai Bobby,

\"Kya Kehna\" is one of my favourite movie.It was one of the few movies i see after i come to Delhi and I am deeply involved in seeing Hindi movies only after that.The greatness of the film is its innocence and the sweetness of love. Two days back i happen to see the Korean movie \"Jenny Juno\" in You Tube..Really its a fantastic light comedy.The depth of the characterisation of the protaganist of Kya Kehna is missing there. Kya Kehna is beyond comparison of these films mentioned above though the main theme is the same. Anyway its very interesting to read your talent of synchrosing the ideas in a global level.
Bobby Sing

Hi Bavani,

I myself find it very interesting to search and write about such links in movies from all parts of the world.

Keep Posting....


Dude..there are so many films in South which touched these kind of social issues better than Bollywood.There is a Kannada film called Amritha Galige,directed by legendary Puttanna Kanagal, which has similar concept and the movie was made in 80\'s.

just go through this link


Bobby Sing

Hi Shipz,

Thanks for your info as its indeed valuable since I have still to explore our South Indian Cinema, which I will be starting soon. And I will surely look into the link sent in details.

Do keep sending more info like this and Keep Visiting .....Cheers!


sure..thnx for unbiased reply..

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