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Tezaab (1988) & its famous Bank Robbery Sequence.
10 Nov, 2007 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / T

“Tezaab” was Anil Kapoor’s blockbuster movie with an immensely popular dance number by Madhuri Dixit. It was an action packed thriller with its basic theme inspired from “Streets Of Fire” (1984).

And the Famous Bank Robbery Sequence of “Tezaab”, in which a child comes rolling down the stairs in a pram and Anil Kapoor saves the child by jumping right in front of him, is exactly similar to the scene in “The Untouchables” (1987).

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10 Nov 2007 / Comments ( 10 )

Untouchables stairs scene is a exact copy from Sergei Eisenstein's "The Battleship Potemkin" movie. It's called Odessa Steps scene.

Bobby Sing

Oh really.....So it was a copy of a copy then may be.......I will sure look out for the movie. Thanks for the valuable info and keep writing more.....Cheers!

Nagendra Pratap Singh
This is not a copy, this is a homage.

For 10 + homages of the same scene, have a look here.


Bobby Sing

Hi Nagendra Pratap,
Thanks for writing in with the interesting Link.
It was really nice of you to think of this scene as a Homage but in the present form it however remains a Copy cause a Homage also needs an acceptance with the due annoucement.
Had it been a Homage, then the director would have given a courtesy line in its credits as Homage is always thought of by a true fan and appreciator. And in absence of that I would like to take it as a Copy.

But thanks for conrtibuting in the post and do write in more often.



Nagendra Pratap Singh

The scene is so well known that people know what will happen next. Also shooting a man on lens has been seen in many movies.

But again there have been so many shots of men being shot in head, chest, stomach, legs, arms and all the remaining parts. Copies, homage or just a normal shot?

Here is a small compilation of the homages/copies and in betweens


Some of them are not even related

"Okay, just because a scene involves guns and stairs does not mean it was influenced by Potemkin...

Hemorrhoidprime "

Bobby Sing

Hi Nagandra Pratap,
You are entitiled to your own opinion about the Copy Status being called a Homage.
But what I have learned from your comment is that even the Untouchables scene was not an original one and I would soon like to quote it righty in my above post with your credits.

So, Thanks a lot for your contribution once again!


Nagendra Pratap Singh

I watch very little movies but this movie comes up in all the top, best, must watch lists.

The poster is from the same movie. Rodchenko chose the best shot from the movie. Guess what is on the poster?


Rodchenko and Battleship Potemkin are taught in Arts classes worldwide. All filmmakers know this scene.

Bobby Sing

Hi Nagendra Pratap,

Thanks for your valuable info and I will surely chek this film too.
However my critieria for including a film in "Movies To See Before You Die" is a little different so you might not find many world reknowned movies in this list.
For instance I dont include technology based movies heavily relying on technique rather than content in my list. Similarly High end Action movies would also be not there in the list. But I will soon watch this new recommedation as a must.


Nagendra Pratap Singh

I am with you on the technology movies.
Battleship Potemkin is a B&W, silent movie from 1925. That is fairly low tech. The director needed more effort in getting the message across.

Also Russian copyright law protected things only for 25 years, even new Russian law of 1991 protects till 50 years.
There is no way N Chandra's work stole marketshare from Sergei Eisenstein. We need to praise the work Chandra has done.

BTW I am not affiliated with any movie personalities. I am a System Engineer who is trying to catch up on works of Kurosawa and other big ones.
Have you seen Inkaar (1978)? It is a remake of High and Low (Korosawa) but very well done.

Bobby Sing

Hi Nagendra Pratap Singh,
Yes I have seen "Inkaar" and its a good commercial rip off from Kurosawa's movie. But "High & Low" was a gem and a much higher movie for many reasons, the key being the deep meaning in its title only.

However if you are interested in "Inspired Movies" then I would suggest you spend some time on the special section in the site listing all the inspired movies alphabetically......And you are sure going to have many surprises there.


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