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The Black Stallion (1979) (Movies To See Before You Die - Adventure / Drama)

24 Aug, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / Adventure

How often we can use the phrase “Poetry on Celluloid” for a movie. How often we get to see a movie like a painting on the screen with various colors of love, affection, care and fun. The ratio is too low to discuss and we are seldom offered a project which can induce new spirits of life into every child, young and old in the family. “The Black Stallion” is such a movie, telling us the tale of a rare friendship between a child and his horse. It’s a song, which teaches us the value of life force, flowing in every living being on this earth, other than the human race.

It is seen, that the moment you talk about a children movie, many of the viewers lose their interest, expecting it to be on the same old patterns seen many times before. But..... do not consider “The Black Stallion” as a children movie alone. It’s a unique experience of its own kind and not just another Kid movie talking about the loving relationship between a child and an animal. In fact it is a technical masterpiece excelling in every department of film-making, which should be seen as a must, by all involved in studying or praising a movie experience.
The main merit of the movie is that it does not try to exploit you emotionally. The director is not interested in telling us the tale with some painful sequences or scenes where we are supposed to cry. In fact the movie even does not have too many emotional scenes. But what it has.....is the feel of a fresh soothing breeze, flowing smoothly through your body with a feathery touch. The story may sound familiar but it surely has a novel majestic treatment to offer which you may not have seen before on the silver screen.
Apart from its expressive star-cast and impressive direction, the other two important aces in the movie are its spectacular Cinematography and brilliant Background Score. The scenes when the boy and his horse are playing all alone on a deserted island are brilliantly canned and visualized. It’s like you are looking at the visuals of a beautiful dream. (May be Tom Hanks & Robert Zemeckis got the idea of “Cast Away” from here only.) Especially the scene where the boy is face to face with a deadly snake increases the level of your heartbeats. The picturisation stays in your mind and you want to experience it again.
The climax sequence has a stunning race course event where The Black Stallion is running with the young Jockey boy at his back. The chase simply drags you in with its outstanding sound effects and brilliant musical notes. The heavy breathing of the horse, the sound of his feet touching the ground with an unbelievable speed and the blood coming out of his wounded leg, brings you on to the edge of your seat. And as he crosses the finish mark you feel like standing, jumping and cheering for the “The Black Stallion” and his small master. A true masterpiece with breathtaking cinematography, amusing musical score and a worth praising directorial effort. A must watch for all in the family together.
Directed By Carroll Ballard
Starring : Kelly Reno, Mickey Rooney & more

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