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The Changeling (1980) (Movies To See Before You Die - Horror)

27 Jan, 2014 | Movies To See Before You Die / Horror

After watching numerous horror films, stuffed with all routine sudden shocks, thrills, chills & scares, a true lover of horror genre is actually looking for some stronger content in terms of storyline & script, rising much above the usual material repeated more than often. And THE CHANGELING gives you exactly that with a class of its own, raising the bar further with a much stronger script, execution and performances together generating a thrilling experience, not to be missed. Brilliantly directed by Peter Medak, despite having a story woven around the same deserted house, the film never gives you a dull moment and keeps haunting you throughout with its suspenseful drama.
The story talks about a composer John Russle who has just rented a huge old mansion to spend some time alone with his music, after losing both his wife and daughter in an unfortunate accident. The big house has a dark secret and some strange, unexplainable noises are often heard coming from the upstairs, sounding hugely terrifying. As Russle goes searching for the weird noises, all he can find is a child's wheelchair, a toy ball and an old music box playing an identical tune to the song being composed by him. The film becomes more frightening with further investigations into the history of that old house and Claire, a member of the Historical Society helps Russle in this thankless job as a friend.  
THE CHANGELING actually succeeds in giving you the much desired scares through its well executed ambience, which maintains the fine suspense with its each new sequence unfolding on the screen, without the sight of blood or any ugly faces. Scott’s performance takes the film to another level since here we have a strong minded, fearless lead hero who is more interested in knowing the real truth behind the strange mansion, instead of moving back and avoiding the uninvited trouble. The project deserves more marks than several other routine horror movies due to its well written, engaging script which has a fine, interesting story progression, rarely found in the films made in this particular genre.
The disclosure of its immensely frightening secret, gives you shivers down the spine as you get to understand the justification for those strange sounds often heard in the house in the beginning. The director beautifully creates the scares through his great style of narration, characters and the use of music in a thoughtful subtle way without trying something too screechy, loud or bloody. The experience of watching its sad climax stays with you for long and that clearly proves the worth of watching this great horror film at the earliest. So if you love the genre and interested in a classy horror film from the past then THE CHANGELING has to be your next film for sure.

Directed By Peter Medak                                                                                  
Written By Russell Hunter (Story), William Gray (Screenplay)
Starring : George C. Scott, Trish Van Devere, Melvyn Douglas & more.

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