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The Descendants (2011) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

08 Sep, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Films, majorly are meant for entertainment for sure. But there are few movies which simply force you to stop and think about “The Uncertainty” factor hidden in our lives, which can strongly hit us anytime, any moment without any prior notice as such. THE DESCENDANTS also deals with a similar theme, revolving around a (supposedly) loving couple, their two young daughters and the unexpected complexities of life which they have to deal with after a major accident.

Here the point worth mentioning is that this film is a must see primarily for its unique & realistic subject, which is much more important than its adorable simplicity, performances and direction. Based on the novel with the same title by
Kaui Hart Hemmings, the story plot of THE DESCENDANTS may make you go numb, loaded with several questions just like its lead character of a husband & father delicately played by George Clooney. The manner in which Clooney underplays his tense character in the film, rightly earned him an Academy Award nomination for the Best Performance in the year 2012. And the film also won an Oscar for Best Writing and Adapted Screenplay along with being nominated in 3 more major categories including the Best Picture.

THE DESCENDANTS forced me to go into a solitary mode for days, thinking about the harsh truth faced by a truthful person in one of the most difficult days of his life. Revealing its basic plot (which I have to do to convince all friends here) it’s a story of a husband whose wife is on deathbed after an accident and he wishes to bring his small family together in these final moments. But when he informs his elder daughter about this major accident, then she is simply not interested as the girl is aware of a dark secret that her mother was cheating on her innocent father quite shamelessly. She unwillingly reveals the disheartening fact to her father and then its all about that helpless husband dealing with this unexpectedly shocking truth about his own loving wife, counting her final days in the hospital.

The stressful subject reminded me of a common saying that “Its not easy to face a Truth”....And it becomes thousand times more lethal to handle, if a truth like this gets revealed at such a crucial time of life to a husband who is also a father of two young adolescent girls. So, as I see it THE DESCENDANTS is not just about worth watching direction, acting or execution. But its more about fresh and never heard before kind of ‘Story-Telling’ through the effective medium of films. Its more about exploring fresh ideas and plots on the screen which actually gives you much more than mere entertainment for a few hours.

In fact, the well crafted film also made me recall the Golden Years of Hindi Cinema when directors like V. Shantaram, Bimal Roy, Mehboob Khan and many more such visionaries used to make Classics on powerful subjects and stories only as used in THE DESCENDANTS. Hence if you want to experience a similar mesmerizing, emotional and beautiful life teaching tale in a thoughtful film, then do watch it at the earliest and get ready to accept the harsh truth of “A Purely Uncertain Life” we keep on living so confidently and carelessly.

Directed by Alexander Payne
Starring : George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Amara Miller and more.

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08 Sep 2012 / Comments ( 4 )
raj vardhan
Hello Sir!

I think Terms Of Endearment is a great drama with absolutely fantastic performances from the whole cast.
I liked Debra Winger\'s performance more than Shirley Mclaine\'s.I think debra was brilliant in the movie.................though shirley mclaine also did a mindblowing job.
But debra deserved the oscar more.
I think because shirley mclaine didn\'t get an oscar for the apartment,thats why the academy people gave her an oscar this time to compensate for their previous fault.

Anyway,this is a great movie with comedy,romance and loads of emotion.A tear jerker.

Special mention to the scene where debra winger\'s character is saying final goodbye to her children.The dialouges and performances in this scene r so natural.This scene always gives me a goosebump.......it always fills my eyes with tears coz few years back me and my brother went through a same situation(I was 8 and my brother 11) when our mother was seriously ill(now she is absolutely fine by God\'s grace).I remember our mother used to hide her feelings,her tears and pain so that we dont get hurt.

Bobby Sing

Hi Raj,
Please accept my best wishes for your mother & family.......and thanks a lot for sharing your personal thoughts with all friends here.
Really loved reading them with reference to the film here.

Regarding "Terms Of Endearment" I would soon try to watch it and get back,


poornima shandilya

Just watched 'The Descendants' and would like to mention the last line of your review, '......get ready to accept the harsh truth of “A Purely Uncertain Life” we keep on living so confidently and carelessly.', which compels me to muse over the oft repeated thought about the fraility and brevity of our existence. How tightly chained are we to the chains of our false notions! I follow your site and feel glad to have found a non partial, objective critic in you. Thanks and keep up with your good work.

Bobby Sing

Hi Poornima,
Yes its indeed the uncertain life we always tend to forget, which also remains the only certain truth we very well know of.
A big thanks to your constant support and encouragement.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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