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The Diving Bell and The Butterfly or Le scaphandre et le papillon (2007 - French) (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema / Biographical)

09 Nov, 2011 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

Certain films rise above the medium itself with their overall remarkable execution and can easily be considered as “Something Beyond” or in simple words “One of the Best Works Till Date” in their particular genre. THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY is certainly one of those spiritual gems which not only introduces you to a new aspect of ‘our uncertain human life’ but also has got the power to infuse some fresh energy & insight into our routine “taken as granted” lifestyle.

Based on the true life story of Jean-Dominique Bauby, editor-in-chief of the French fashion magazine “Elle”, this is an enlightening depiction of his days spent in the Hospital after a massive stroke, which paralyzed him from head to toe completely. And all he had was the Left eye working and the other stitched by the doctors fearing an infection. So he could only communicate with his left eye expressing “Yes” by blinking once and “No” by blinking twice. But the attack couldn’t take away his creative imagination of the mind with the help of which Bauby dictated a whole book with a new technique of choosing the letters placed in front of him by his publisher’s assistant. The courageous man died only some time after his book was published (in French) which became an International Bestseller, translated in many more languages later on.

Undoubtedly a truly inspiring real life story, splendidly transformed onto the silver screen with sheer mastery over the medium by its director Julian Schnabel. Interestingly Julian insisted on making the film in French to keep it more authentic and for that he went on to learn French language in order to get it all perfectly. Further he even shot in the same hospital where Bauby was treated, around the same outdoors as experienced by him in reality.
In artistic terms the film excels in totality with a great realistic script, all unbelievable performances from the entire cast, exceptional background score and a rare kind of cinematography which you might not have experienced before in any film. Explaining this particular triumph of the movie, I would like to introduce you (especially) with its first hour, which is entirely shot from Bauby’s own perspective. Now what this precisely means is that whatever you see on the screen is exactly as seen by Bauby from his own eyes. In other words, just imagine how you will see the things if the Camera has been actually placed inside Bauby’s body and you are seeing just what he is really watching with only his left eye. The doctors reaching out to the eye, the nurses roaming around the bed and the sounds coming to the ear are simply there on the screen as experienced by Bauby from inside his own body/mind. And this very first scene of the movie itself gives you a severe ‘true to life shock’ forcing you to sit straight and watch it carefully.

Hence, this really is “something beyond” as rightly mentioned before. It is a film which makes you realize the importance of every single moment of life like an urgent lesson. But at the same time it surprisingly never becomes depressing at all, which is another achievement made by the director, opting for a project on such a tough and emotional subject.

In short, it is a beautiful, powerful masterpiece which has got the power to shake us all real hard. So if you love watching films which can make you go numb for even days, then watch THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY at the earliest and do a favour to yourself.
Directed by Julian Schnabel
Writers : Ranald Harwood (Screenplay) and Jean-Dominique Bauby (The Original Author of The Book)
Starring : Mathieu Amalric, Emmanuelle Seigner and Marie-Josee Croze.

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