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The Fountainhead (1949) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

27 Jun, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

‘The Fountainhead’ is one of the most famous novels from the renowned writer Ayn Rand and it holds a unique place of its own due to an exceptionally different theory on individual creative expression and its rights. The film with the same title is based on the script written by Ayn Rand herself and she reportedly agreed for a screen adaptation only when everything she wrote would be in turn shot in exact terms by the director in his final product.
Now though many friends would not rate the film as good as the novel. But despite this arguable fact THE FOUNTAINHED needs to be seen for all its other merits, especially by those who haven’t read the original novel in details along with the ones who really loved reading this distinctive expression of art a lot.
In few words, you might find the film too talkative, highly idealistic and a bit over the top too since it has nothing usual or routine in its core message about an individual’s ability and his imaginative creations. On the other hand its quite possible that it opens new doors of fresh ideas and unexplored thinking arenas of your mind through its thoughtful depiction of the brilliant idea put forward by Ayn Rand. So from that angle, it is undoubtedly a truly creative, innovative and path breaking film made way back in 1949, which probably was much ahead of its time as it seems.
To tell the truth, THE FOUNTAINHEAD flopped in the year of its release and it was also highly criticized due to the questionable choice of Gary Cooper who unconvincingly played the lead role of a young man when he was actually around 47 years of age in reality. He looked too mature and actually missed the real essence, fire & intensity of his character revolting against the spiritless society. But frankly he is not that bad as I felt and still able to deliver the goods as required to a certain extent. Moreover there are many other important positive features in the film which convert it into a must watch, particularly for all those young souls involved in creative professions, who still haven't read its original epic novel as conceived by Ayn Rand.
Revolving around the life of an uncompromising but visionary architect who is willing to build anything, only if its built perfectly according to his vision without any interference, the film is not about any particular storyline alone. THE FOUNTAINHEAD is actually about an ideology, a pattern of thinking and some set principles of life which represent the inner conflict of a highly creative person gifted with some amazing skills. Yes, the film doesn’t have everything perfectly portrayed as written in its original novel, but still it holds a significant value since the concept or the idea is worth enough to reach the young minds all over the world for their individual as well as social development. Having said that, it might turn out to be pretty bore for a few, who are only looking for some good entertaining sequences in their time spent. But if you are not one of those, then the film should ideally turn out to be truly thought provoking and highly interesting with some new well cooked food for your thinking minds for sure.
Despite of its shortcomings, it has an imaginative visualization from King Vidor, a fine art direction (remember it’s a 1949 film), noticeable background score and a wonderful cinematography (Black & White) trying to do full justice to its complex subject skillfully. Therefore, if you wish to think out of the box, with some highly stimulating, novel and unexplored kind of Ayn Rand’s philosophy depicting a creative human mind then do essentially watch this 1949 film based on the famous novel, which still can shake you well even in the present 21st century indisputably.
More importantly, since it is considered a weak adaptation, the film might also inspire you to read its original text in the book form, widely appreciated all over the world since the last century. And probably that is the main reason why this has been included here in the list of movies to be seen as a must in a given lifetime.
Directed by King Vidor
Written by  Ayn Rand (screenplay) based on her own novel.
Starring : Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal, Raymond Massey and more


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