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The General's Daughter (1999) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Suspense / Drama)

31 Dec, 2007 | Movies To See Before You Die / Suspense

Some movies can be termed as disturbing in nature as they unfold the ugly secrets of our society and our people. “The General’s Daughter” is also one of those unconventional movies which enlighten you about the dark and hidden face of our so called sophisticated society.

The movie is about the incidents which occur in the military camps but the world is not aware of them. It’s about women in the armed forces and the hardships they are made to face at times. It is a shocking story of a women soldier who is raped by her fellow military men in the camp itself and all the top officials of the camp are simply trying to hide the disgraceful incident.
John Trivolta plays the role of the person who starts investigating the dreadful act and brings it out in the open. The confrontation scenes between him and his superiors are just perfect. And the questions, victim girl asks from her General Father are upsetting and shameful. A bold and impactful movie, strongly recommended for intense movie lovers.
Directed By Simon West
Starring : John Trivolta & Madeleine Stowe

Tags : The General's Daughter, Suspense Movies, John Trivolta, Madeleine Stowe, Movies on Armed Forces, Movies To See Before You Die.
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