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The Hidden Face / La Cara Oculta (2011) (Spanish) (Movies To See Before You Die - Suspense / Love Theme)

13 Feb, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

Cinema is all about storytelling and every true lover of the medium is more than eager to see something fresh or novel in a film which provides him a little bit more moving ahead than the usual impressive stuff being offered. So for that matter, La Cara Oculta or The Hidden Face is exactly the movie being looked for by such enthusiastic fans. A film with something new or exceptional in its content and execution. A twist never seen before, a plot never tried before or a kind of love story never told before which will both shock and enlighten you together about the existence of this so called pure feeling of love between two people.
No, it doesn’t have any new characters nor it showcases any new relationship between a couple other than LOVE, which we regularly see as a part of almost every film made in our part of the world unconditionally. Yet, the film has something important to share about the hidden inner psyche of a lover in some sudden or extreme situation. To be precise, every lover in the world has this one thought at the back of his or her mind that in case I die this very moment then would he (she) go for another woman (man) at once, will take some time or will never opt for another one in his (her) entire life. Now whether one likes to believe it or not, but this shaky thought scares many to the state of haunting and if given a chance they would surely like to test their partner to pacify their wandering thoughts undoubtedly.
The Hidden Face talks about this important question only and gives the viewer a thoroughly engaging 97 minutes full of many scandalous, mysterious and creepy moments which constantly keep you guessing. It begins with some soothing scenes introducing the lead character of a Spanish orchestra conductor and then moves on to its unpredictable plot soon as his girl friend suddenly disappears without any specific reason. The suspense starts building up in the next few reels making way for many weird assumptions and imaginations in the minds of the viewers which all prove to be completely off track as the actual truth gets revealed.
But here, without disclosing its secretive plot, I would like to say that this is a script with all mean characters in it having both positive and negative shades hidden in their inner persona, forcing them to opt for the evil at every crucial moment of their life. Such is the power in its basic plot that as it progresses towards its climax the narrative forces you to watch it once again to re-notice the gradual changes in its lead characters displayed in all those important sequences of the script carefully. The film has also got a substantial amount of nudity in it but that’s not a forced one for a change, as it is in fact the demand of the script, as said in the popular phrase used by the makers. In short, here is a film which is capable of disturbing your minds with a variety of thoughts including love, sex, betrayal, suspense, disbelief, horror and amazement.
However, before watching it, please don’t try to see its theatrical trailer at Youtube because those 3 minutes actually give away the whole movie and its unusual twist in its plot just like that. Frankly I couldn’t guess what was the purpose of the director to make such a revealing trailer for his mysterious film? But if you really want to experience the magic & art of storytelling in cinema then do watch it strictly without seeing its trailer as otherwise it will simply ruin your experience of enjoying a shocking masterpiece reminding you of masters such as Alfred Hitchcock.
Directed By Andres Baiz 
Starring : Juan Alfonso Baptista, Marcela Bejumea and Marcela Mar Humberto Dorado
(Incidentally the famous Bhatts in India have officially re-made this intense suspense drama as their MURDER 3 which unfortunately remains just a decent watch and fails to present the basic plot of the story as required.) 

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