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The IRONY in celebrating 45 years of SHOLAY, quietly robbing the new generation off its Iconic Original SOUND, MUSIC and BACKGROUND SCORE. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

16 Aug, 2020 | Articles on Cinema

Our generation born in the 70s has lived those years when SHOLAY was one of those hugely famous films, re-released every few months in the local theaters without an exception. In fact among the five-six theaters close to our home, whenever they didn’t manage to get a new film or had some gap weeks in between, one of them always had SHOLAY showing for daily 4 shows till the late 80s and we were always there buying the ticket at least once in those weekdays (skipping the school). 
Remember, this includes the era of Video or VHS cassettes when film-viewing had reached people’s home and hiring a VCR-Colour TV on rent had become the new weekend norm. Even in those times SHOLAY used to work perfectly as a filler film in the weeks in between the major releases and people fondly used to watch it again despite knowing its each and every scene and remembering the dialogues by heart.
The re-release became less frequent in the 90s and just faded away post the multiplexes came into existence dictating their own terms and conditions till a new 3D version of the epic got released in the year 2014.
And that’s when the whole scenario changed like a conspiracy and the new generation was openly robbed off the iconic sound of the film that was deep imbedded in the psyche of all the earlier movie-buffs.

What did they do? 
At one end the producers kept celebrating the film’s cult status in their interviews especially mentioning its path-breaking sound structure and background score. But on the other gave permission to alter, enhance and re-record the same sound/music to be used as a different layer along the original, completely ruining the immensely enjoyable authentic feel and ambience of the film.
In other words, they simply decided to alter one of the most appreciable, memorable and nostalgic elements of SHOLAY robbing the young generation off its original sound, music, and background score as conceived and recorded by the maestro R. D. Burman and his exceptionally talented team.

But how this forever affected the film and its watching-experience further?
It would have been fine if this experiment with the original sound of the film had remained limited to the 3D release in the theaters.
But sadly that wasn’t the case, as it further affected or literally ruined the experience of watching the film by the new generation because the original version slowly and steadily started vanishing from the digital world online in the subsequent years. As a result, at present only the new 3-D version is mostly available all over with the newly altered or rather distorted sound and background score playing along the original sequences and tracks in the films.

To be specific, 
the film officially available at Amazon Prime doesn’t have the original sound.
The film officially available at Youtube at a price doesn’t have the original sound.
The film officially available at Google Play at a price doesn’t have the original sound.
Shemaroo official upload of all songs, do not have the original sound or songs.
The unofficial upload at Dailymotion doesn’t have the original sound.
And adding to this heart-breaking situation, 
most of the TV channels air the newer version of the film that doesn’t have the original sound.
(Note : Please do let me know if you find the original version officially available anywhere online)

Concluding the eye-opener tragedy, the fact is that the original version of SHOLAY is fast disappearing from the present digital world and the new generation is actually experiencing the epic creation without its ORIGINAL BACKGROUND SCORE, SOUND and SONGS.
Have no idea why the makers/producers are allowing this to happen ruining their own film and cannot say why all the online channels and OTT platforms are not asking for or demanding the actual cult version of the film.

So in the present scenario, if you have got the original DVD of the film then hold on to it as an invaluable treasure and show the film to the young ones in the family through that rare possession. Personally speaking, my nephew got introduced to SHOLAY through the original DVD at home around 2013 and when he saw the new 3D version in the theaters, he simply couldn’t bear the new sound, forget enjoying it. 

As a result, till date he never watches SHOLAY coming on a TV channel, but repeatedly watches it at intervals from his own copy of the original DVD kept safe. 
Keeping that in mind, I really wonder, when we will start considering our cinema in its original form as a part of our rich cultural heritage of India. Putting it bluntly, releasing a new 3D version of an old classic as an experiment is surely welcome and acceptable but simply withdrawing the original version from the circulation is NOT.

Do give it a serious thought!
Bobby Sing
16th August 2020
(For friends interested in reading the detailed review of the new SHOLAY in 3-D and more about the experience of watching it in a multiplex, the write-up is available at BTC at the following link.) 


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16 Aug 2020 / Comments ( 13 )
ashish agrawal

similar thing was done with another classic - Agneepath (1990), though at minor level, but robbed one of the iconic scenes (climax scene) from the magnificent original score

Bobby Sing

Yes, Its indeed sad Ashish the way the original films are not being seen by the present generation as they were originally released.
Keep visiting and writing in.

Vineesh Vedsen

are you aware a 3d veesion of Sholay released on 3-1-14 all over India. These days everywhere  we see that version. Ppl with 3d TV would be enjoying it. 

Bobby Sing

Vineesh Vedsen,
It seems you posted your comment just looking at the picture without even reading the article.
So would kindly request to PLEASE READ the detailed write-up first giving some of your precious time.
BECAUSE the complete article IS ACTUALLY ALL ABOUT THAT NEW 3D VERSION only which is now available everywhere instead of the original film.

SO Please do READ 

James Cook

Where can I find a digital copy with the original soundtrack? Been searching online for one. Do I need to have an indian friend purchase a dvd in India for me? As a westener I'm a bit lost on this.


Bobby Sing

Hi James,
I think even a friend in India will not be able to find the original DVD as its not being sold anywhere, unless someonw has got very old stock with him.
At this moment, my best guess that it should be there in the world of torrent or unofficial file transfer softwares like Telegraph. May be also available with some Indian store abroad having some old stock. Otherwise its quite difficult online as it seems.

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Naval Sharma

Agree with the article Bobby. As I started collecting whatever version I can get at early stage (before 2014), I fortunately own Pen Video 16:9 Sensored stereo version, B4U/Eros 4:3 Directors Cut and the newer 3D dolby sound version of the film at same time. I love the 4:3 Directors Cut version most as it's runtime is 204 mins with original ending where Gabbar gets killed by Thakur. 


Bobby Sing

All those original versions have now become even more precious for we all.
So good to know that you still have kept them safe.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Vijay choudhary

Absolutely and very well put up Bobby Singh. I can't bear to watch the opening scene with the train moving in with a fake sound of the engine.. to hear the original sound of the steam-engine was itself a reason enough for me to hold on to the movie ..bul alas.they have killed. Now I only listen to the original soundtrack on the gaana app with dialogues . It does give some solace but still I would like to see the movie again with the original sound score..any number of times ..

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot for agreeing to the thought and feeling the same Vijay.
Do find a copy of an old DVD if possible or try to find the orignal version in the torrent world as that is only the last hope for people like us.
All The Best 
Keep Visiting and Writing in.


Hi Bobby,

So heartening and comforting to know that I am not the only one suffering from this anguish. I pride myself in digging the original audio of any song - however old - in this marsh of digital world of tampered songs and music everywhere, but I was defeated here ... in the case of Sholay! It appears they have systematically and deliberately removed the original audio to the last trace from everywhere ... and that is very frightening to see!!

However, I had a DVD years back which I am frantically searching in my home since a few days. That is the last hope. Please let me know if I find it, how to share it with all the starving original-lovers like us.

Thanks for the article. It was comforting to share the pain.


Bobby Sing

Hi Kapil,
Thanks a lot for relating and understanding the pain expressed in the article, especially thinking about the next generation.
Yes they have certainly taken off the original soundtrack from all the official uploads online which is really sad and scary altogether.
Thankfully the die hard fans keep uploading the complete version on youtube with the original soundtrack, but the system keeps taking those uploads down too due to copyright issues.
So just keep an eye and whenever you get to see an upload on youtube. Save it by downloading the video with original soundtrack.
And also do try to find your DVD which has become so precious now after these strange practices.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.
Bobby Sing

Amitabh Sharma

Brother, I recently bought this movie from Apple Store and realized that what a blunder they have done...I can truly understand your every word what you have written...the worst part, I had the original DVD and I have given to someone with some of old collections thinking that everything will be available online with much better clarity and print....and this was my worst mistake..now I am searching the DVD and could not find it anywhere....these guys spoiled all the fun of it...

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