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The Jury (British T.V. Serial) (2001) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Court Room Drama)

02 Mar, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Court Room

A British T.V. Serial which was widely appreciated mainly by all the Asian Punjabis. The plot is about a case filed against a young Sikh student with a charge of killing his own English classmate. Since it is based on a sensitive issue, the director magnificently handles the sentiments of both the Asian and the British communities with utmost care.

No doubt racism, sadly, does exists in many parts of the world and schools are the most affected institutions with this curse. The famous serial aired in 2001 also shows how Asians children are humiliated in their school and given a different treatment by their own classmates. But the director does not take any sides here. He is not partial and is entirely focused on his story.
The court room cases with two English lawyers fighting for different communities are just worth watching. It can surely be considered as one of the best court room dramas ever produced. The serial is engrossing, thrilling and has a suspense element too in its climax. Highly Recommended for all.

Directed By Pete Travis
Starring : Derek Jacobi, Anthony Sher, Stuart Bunce, Gerard Butler, Nicholas Farrell

Tags : The Jury, British T.V. Serial, Movies To See Before You Die, Court Room Drama, Sikh Student, Case Against Sikh Student, Asian Racism in Britain, British Racism, White & Black Racism, Brown Asians Racism
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