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The Last Days (1998) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Documentary)

09 Nov, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / Documentary

Words like ‘The Holocaust’, ‘Concentration Camps’ and ‘The Gas Chambers’ were more heard and less understood before I watched this immensely disturbing documentary aptly titled “The Last Days”. I strongly believe that more than fifty percent of the people living in our part of the world, especially India, may not be familiar with the above words and the mass human killings they are synonym with. And most of the rest also, more or less just have a vague and rough idea of the terrifying and dreadful act practiced by the Nazis against the Jews and many others.

So, the feature was a big eye opener for me, as I got to see the brutal and unthinkable kind of torture faced by thousands of innocent people in those terrible times. Executively produced by Steven Spielberg, the OSCAR winner documentary is rightly rated as the best feature made on the Holocaust of 1945. It gives you a comprehensive picture of the actual happenings in those camps with the help of some rare real life footage and pictures. And the feature even becomes more intriguing and touching as it includes the genuine interviews of 5 remarkable personalities, who had the first hand experience of the tortures, but were also blessed to survive the holocaust.
In simple words, the expressive narration of their personal experiences is just equal to a high density earthquake for a thinking mind. Watching them speak about those difficult times, you will feel like someone is stabbing you hard with a knife into your heart. In other words, the documentary is capable of shaking you deep inside and for many it might be even more frightening and scary than a well made horror movie. The thought of those experiments conducted on children and adults, the life taking pressure in the gas chambers and the lifeless bodies piled on each other forming a mountain will surely take away the sleep of many thoughtful minds.
So unless you are ready with an open mind and can handle the most brutal truth exposed in a highly expressive way, I would not suggest to go for this explosive work, directed by James Moll. In other words, the documentary is not for the weak hearted, but it’s for the people who can feel from their hearts and want to know the bitter truths of our History which we don’t ever want to be repeated again.
A highly recommended documentary for every individual’s self enlightenment. In simple words it is one of those important works in the world of cinema which will make you realize the priceless value of every fresh breath we are blessed with.
Directed By James Moll

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09 Nov 2009 / Comment ( 2 )

hi ,
it\'s quite strange that you never heard about the holocaust ...in Europe and around ...we hear about it almost every day ...this mourning and crying is to hide what israel is doing now on the palestinian.....
Look at this map : the biggest hold up of the century :


look at this blog from Norman g. Finkelstein : the holocaust is now :



This time i realy don\'t agree with you ....

Bobby Sing

Thanks for sharing this valuable & enlightening info which shamelessly talks about the current times.

It was indeed shocking and disgusting to see the so realistic comparison of the cunning history with the even more cunning reality.

Since I dont read and believe in politics so I must admit that i was not aware of the ground reality of such drastic events. And it really made me sad to see all those pictures which unfortunately are from the recent years.

The post also made me realised that at one place we all are worried about such small problems in our lives, whereas there is much more bigger things to look after in the world.

And in addition to my post.......It indeed looks like we are repeating our disgraceful history without giving it a thought.

Thanks once again for sharing it..


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