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The Most Thoughtful Song Of The Year 2009 - Kala Bandar (from Delhi 6)

27 Dec, 2009 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / Articles on Cinema

"Kala Bandar" is a track from the film "Delhi 6" directed by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra and has been brilliantly composed and arranged by the maestro A. R. Rahman. The song truly deserves the title of “The Most Thoughtful Song Of the Year” for the very reason that it dares to touch our hidden negative psyche not revealed to even ourselves. The simple but strong words chosen by the master lyricist “Parsoon Joshi” intend to show us the inner black patches on our souls which remain unseen due to the glowing colourful clothes we all wear on our gifted bodies.

The song appeals all of us to search for the other side of our persona which we keep hiding from the people around us. It refers our dark side as a “Kala Bandar” or “Black Monkey” and tells us that we all have this monkey living inside our own body knowingly or not knowingly. And actually he is the real culprit who keeps appearing at regular intervals and makes us commit all those horrendous crimes which we could never think of in a normal state.

So it’s is plea to hunt for that “Black Monkey” inside our bodies and just kill him the moment you catch hold of his existence. I hope after reading the deep lyrics of this song, we will all at least once try to see inside ourselves, standing in front of the revealing mirror and start searching for the hidden Black Monkey in our otherwise pure body, mind and soul. So here it goes :

Hey Kaala Kaala Kaala Bandar, Baahar Hai Ya Andar
Hey Kaala Kaala Kaala Bandar, Jo Dhundhe Sikandar

(Calling the Black Monkey hiding in ourselves and he would be the ultimate King (referred as Alexander The Great) who finds him.)

It Wasn't Me I Swear, Everybody’s Looking For Da Monkey Out There

Bring Da Kaala Bandar, Bring Da Kaala Bandar
Everybody’s Looking For Da Monkey Out There

Aao Hum Sheesha Dekhen, Usme Sandesha Dekhen,
Apna Ghayal Hissa Dekhen, Apna Asli Kissa Dekhen,
Ghonghat Ki Gehrayi Mein, Par Failaaye Kaun Hai,
Jhak Safed Libason Mein, Kaala Sa Sach Maun Hai.

(Let’s all see in the mirror and read the message in it.
Let’s see our wounded parts and the real story behind our own existence.
Who is opening his wings under the hidden deepness of a veil?
Black truth remains silent under the flashing white clothes worn by us.)

Choosey  Choosey  Choosey, Choosey, Life Ki Phaank Le - 2
Taank Jhaank, Taank Jhaank, Taank Jhaank, Taank Jhaank, Dil Mein Bhi Jhaank Le

(Let’s suck the juice from every part of the Fruit called Life,
And let’s take a look at every corner of our own hearts)

Kasmein To Moongfali Hain, Jab Jee Chahen Hum Khaaten
Upar Se Na Na Na Kartein, Par Thaali Aage Sarkaate
Ek Thailee Ke Chattey Battey, Armaan Hain Hattey Kattey
Naatak Yeh Naatak Naatak, Band Kar Do Jhooth Ka Faatak

(Oaths are like peanut, we can take them whenever we feel like.
We just say No from the outside but from inside we all do want our piece of cake in the plate.
Each one of us belongs to the same lot and have big fat hidden longings to fulfill.
It’s all drama everyone is playing, so let’s shut the door of these lies.)

Saarey Reet Riwaaj Hata Kar, Dekho Apne Ghar Ke Ander,
Shayad Kahin Kisi Koney Mein, Ungh Raha Hai Kala Bander,

(Keeping aside all the traditions and rituals, just see inside your own house (heart)
The Black Monkey is most probably there taking a nap in some dark corner.)

Is Tan Man Mein Kitne Partein, Kitne Parde,
Kitney Pardey, Kitney Pardey, Kitney Pardey, Itney Pardey
Kitney Pardey, Kitney Pardey, Kitney Pardey, Itney Pardey
Aur Pardon Ke Peechey Pardey, Aur Pardon Ke Paar Kahin Par,
Dard Chhupa Hai Ghaav Chhupey Hain – 2
Raaz Kahin Dabey Paon Ghusey Hain
Jaan Ke Bhi Anjaan Hain Hum Sab
Paagal Ya Naadan Hain Hum Sab - 2

(We cannot guess how many curtains (layers) are there in our hidden psyche.
We just have to go on searching behind all these curtains and then we will find,
That there is deep pain and open wounds hidden behind all these layers.
That there are secrets which have silently entered our souls without our knowledge.
And we all just go on ignoring all these things and keep on living our fake lives.
Either we all are too innocent or completely mad to do that.)

Janey Kaun Se Rang Mein Rangey
Hamaam Mein Hum Saarey Nangey

(Don’t know in which colour we all are painted in.
But one thing is sure that we all are simply naked standing in the same pond.)

Hey Kaala Kaala Kaala Bandar, Baahar Hai Ya Andar
Hey Kaala Kaala Kaala Bandar, Jo Dhundhe Sikandar

(Calling the Black Monkey hiding in ourselves and he would be the ultimate King (referred as Alexander The Great) who finds him.)

Hope the song and the lyrics are able to express their real meaning to all the fellow readers…..

All the Best for searching your own Black Monkey inside.…..


(Just hear the song once again while reading the lyrics and then feel the impact)

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27 Dec 2009 / Comments ( 10 )
Bobby Sing

Thanks Aman and wish to see your comments more often......Cheers!

rahul parab

Loved it ..AB-SOUL-UTLY true


Some lines i wrote :

kuch boondein gir gai phir aaj ,Kuch hava fir sird ho rahi hai.
uth gayi hai dhool ki part si, fiza rangin hi ho gayi hai.
ik tinka hava se a pada aank mein ,aakh gili hui ...tees si uthi hai.
garaz ke baadal ne kuch kaha hai , roshani bhi aabhi chamak si rahi hai,
hariyaali dikhi dalli bhigi ,ik pate se bund giri ...phir padi hai.

Need ur views


ooh hava hi kuch haur si
us samah di harkat hor si
mera scooter di kick da shor shi
yara n di motor cyclaan da jor si
Phook taan puri hundi si per petrol di hundi thod si.
KUCH pangein pe jande si,hujh pa ke vadhdi tor si.
Jeda ishq muhobatan piyaan si
Us sine di balan KUCH hor si
Na sath rahe na baat rahi par aaj wi dil jad dukh da hai.
Yaran di yad nu sine la ke,aank phij gayi pur jor si.
Jad akhri dola uthia taan Yar bole is yar di aje taan lod si.

Bobby Sing

Hi Harpreet,
If you really can write few lines on your own about your life's good and bad experiences then dont ever care to know the views of others.
Because even to write somethng needs great courage and talent, which more than 70% of the people dont have. And if they had in their young days, they have now forgotten that after getting absorbed in the routine daily life and family matters.

So go on writing it, improving it and sharing it as it counts when you share. Post it at your FB account and then ask for reviews of all.

Keep writing and visiting,


Bhowmik Haria
I was listening to the OST soundtrack of Delhi 6 and thought of checking out the articles in google relating to the music. Out of the lot, Kala Bandar is my personal favorite. it stands out not only for its innovativeness, but also because it breaks ground on more levels than one. The lyrics is outstanding and so is the music, which plays like a loop. Specially the Kitney Parde part.
Loved your article on this particular song. Hope to read more of your articles, as am a Hindi Music Lover!
Keep writing more and inspiring us!
Bobby Sing

Hi Bhowmik Haria,
With a warm welcome I would like to thank you for your appreciative comment and Yes the song Kala Bandar is indeed a great track which deserved much more appreciation from the music lovers than it got.

I hope you would love reading many more articles here at the site and Keep Writing in your views too.


Deepak Baghel

Awesome bro , a excitement and energy when I listen these type of songs you explain a real mean of the life in this..plz keep write more article like this..!

Bobby Sing

Many loving thanks Deepak for your kind words and appreciation. (and sorry for the late reply)
Would surely try to write more of such articles in the coming future.
So keep visiting and writing in.

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