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The Naked Truth (1957) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Comedy)
01 Feb, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Comedy

A very simple yet entertaining comedy with Peter Sellers playing great games and tricks, he is famous for. It is a funny story of a black-mailer and his victim clients trying to get rid of him with plans of their own. All characters in the plot are linked to each other and the happenings lead to hilarious situations.

The movie is not fast paced but the script is very evenly placed with well written characterizations and funny scenes for the entire star-cast. A must watch for Peter Seller movie lovers as it is better than his Pink Panther movies with more richer content. The sequence with the tape recorder towards the climax is just superb. A good choice for a light entertaining family movie weekend.
Directed By Mario Zampi
Starring : Terry Thomas & Peter Sellers

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