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The Orphanage / El Orfanato (2007 - Spanish) (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema / Horror)

23 Feb, 2014 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

Horror movies are usually associated with brutal murders, violence, bloodshed, scary faces and much more to create those sudden shocks as expected by the viewers. Hence its very rare to witness a project which despite being a hardcore frightening one, has the emotional element woven into its script so beautifully that you simply remain stunned as the secret is revealed in its final sequence and cannot even think of anything else in that particular awestruck moment of its highly moving climax. THE ORPHANAGE is certainly one of those rare exceptional horror movies with a highly emotional appeal, which deserve to be seen by all lovers of quality cinema unconditionally, even when one is not a huge fan of this particular genre.     
Revolving around Laura, her husband Carlos and their adopted son Simon, the film begins as the family comes to live in the old house which also happens to be Laura’s former orphanage, where she had spent her whole innocent childhood. But the things doesn’t seem to be pleasant when all of a sudden Simon informs that he can see few invisible friends in that creepy mansion playing around him all the time. And that’s the point from where the narration starts revealing some dark, bloody secrets related with the history of that old orphanage through some absorbing flashbacks. Next during the big party organized in the house, there happens a shocking disappearance which further makes way for a mysterious chain of events wherein Laura starts seeing a strange masked boy silently roaming in the house, an old maniac women is found making few disturbing appearances and the presence of many others in the house becomes more evident, as described by Simon.
A stunningly well-made film, THE ORPHANGE has everything what a viewer normally expects from a fine horror film. Yet it is neither repetitive nor moves on any routine predictable storyline, ruining the great build-up. In fact the film sets a new appreciable standard in this particular genre through its exceptional execution, engaging concept, a fascinating script and some brilliant performances from the cast making a solid impact. In other words, it’s a rare kind of horror movie which has a beautiful emotional story to tell, capable of shaking your hearts well in its final moments. And to emphasize on this major element alone, phrases such as “a beautiful emotional story” are not usually found in the review of a horror film.
Putting it differently, Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona presents a refreshingly novel film with a splendid camerawork, astonishing sound mixing and a great production design which can easily be rated as a landmark achievement if compared to all the recent projects presented in the horror genre. The film is based on an extremely well written script which perfectly balances the elements of emotional drama and scary thrills in a highly competent manner. And such is its impact in the end that the viewer is not able to make up his mind that whether he has just witnessed a superb emotional movie or an exceptional horror film with an unexpectedly moving climax.
So if you are really interested to know that why I have stated it as “an immensely emotional horror movie” then do watch THE ORPHANAGE as a must and do yourself a favour.
Directed By J. A. Bayona
Written By Sergio G. Sanchez
Starring : Belen Rueda, Fernando Cayo, Roger Princep & more.

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23 Feb 2014 / Comment ( 2 )
raj vardhan

Hello Sir!
Happy to read ur comments on this classic movie....finally!

I also recommended u \'Julia\'s Eyes\' from the same team...
and today I am recommending u one more spanish horror/thriller by the same actress..its called \'The Body/El Cuerpo\'(2012)
This is a superb movie.Lots of twists..turns...chilling moments...nice performances....interesting story.The suspense element was just superb..atleast for me...I simply didn\'t see that coming.

As I have said before too (in your Rosemary\'s baby review), Julia\'s Eyes was good, infact quite good but its climax was quite a letdown for me...coz before its last 30 minutes...it was going really good.

will be waiting for ur review sir....


Bobby Sing

Hi Raj,
Thanks for recommending the movies and did watch THE BODY after getting your comment.
It is indeed a good watch but its climax does seem to be a bit overdone thinking about the time span between the proceedings.

However havent watched "Julia's Eyes' yet, so would soon get back after seeing it.
And do keep recommending such interesting movies!.

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