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The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Comedy)

05 Mar, 2014 | Movies To See Before You Die / Comedy

Following another original thought of the master film-maker Woody Allen, this is a highly recommended film especially for all those cinema freaks, who are not only crazy about films, but also eat, drink and sleep movies like their daily medication followed with a strict routine. Because unless one is not able to feel that kind of madness about cinema, the plot of this particular film will turn out to be simply absurd, silly and over the top to say the least. However for the ones who really love to spend those three hours in the dark looking at the silver screen engrossingly, THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO would turn out to be highly creative & innovative experience for sure, talking about something which interests a mad movie buff a lot unconditionally.
Revealing its basic interesting plot, let me admit that in my early teen years, I also loved the characters on the screen so much that I seriously wished that may be someday one of my favourite actors would step out of the screen, coming straight to my seat saying “Hi, How are you?” looking right into the eyes. Perhaps many of my friends reading this might have had a similar fantasy in their childhood too which incidentally also forms the basic thought behind this entertaining cinematic gem directed by the mastermind Woody Allen.
The film features a lonely waitress Cecilia, who in search of an escape from her depressing life, keeps watching the same film repeatedly every day. Now in one of her repeated viewings, Tom, the young & charming hero of the film, simply steps out of the screen, walking straight towards her and then they both move out of the theater into the real life to spend some quality good time together after a casual introduction. But apart from this pleasant surprise, what’s even more fascinating to watch is the way how Tom’s co-stars featuring in that particular scene start behaving in the ongoing film (in the theater), once their fellow actor has gone out of the screen all of a sudden.
So actually the story starts moving at two different platforms from hereon. One, focusing on what the character TOM does after moving out of the screen along with Cecilia and second, what his co-stars are doing in the running film, having no idea of what to do next with their major star missing from the script. Next the progression becomes extremely engaging and hilarious as the actual real life actor also comes in listening to the unbelievable confirmation of his character missing from the movie from that particular theater. And further the whole scenario becomes even more complex when there is news of the character Tom stepping out of the screens in some other theaters too in the same city.

Honestly, it’s quite possible that the unreal premise of the film may not convince many friends reading this write-up full of praises. But the truth remains that Woody executes his film in such an impressive style that one is not willing to skip it even for a minute and finds himself glued to the screen like a magnet having a strong pull. The visionary director beautifully creates a fascinating link between the viewer and his passion for cinema, plus gracefully establishes the relationship between artistic fantasy and reality as a true genius. The film’s cinematography, musical score and impressive performances add to the highly original project superbly and it can easily be included in the list of Woody Allen’s most innovative and entertaining films without any doubt.
So if you do consider yourself as a die-hard cinema buff, who always loves to be in the theater like an excited kid, then do watch THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO at the earliest and have a great time living you own childhood fantasy on the screen.

Written & Directed By Woody Allen
Starring : Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello & more.

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