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The Shining (1980) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Horror)

14 Jul, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Horror

Widely appreciated as one of the most intense and well made horror films without any scary ugly face, this is a Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece with Jack Nicholson playing the lead with his complete conviction and control. In fact it is one of those pioneer horror movies which is still considered as a benchmark for many more flicks to be made in this particular genre in the later years.

Based on the novel with the same name by Stephen King, the movie scares you even without depeding upon any evil spirits with the usual distorted faces coming on to screen all of a sudden. It grows on the viewer slowly and then hits you real hard with all its powerful horrifying scenes in its next reels. Particularly the sequence of two twin sisters and the sound experiment along with the child riding his toy cycle is truly worth watching in this well made classic by Stanley Kubrick. Hindi films lovers would also find echoes of many ‘Ram Gopal Verma’s’ Horror films in this movie as it surely has been a source of inspiration for many talented film makers all over the world. The climax of The Shining needs a special mention here for its brilliant execution with a spine chilling suspense shot around a location where everything is literally covered in snow. And these final moments leave a powerful impact which stays with you for quite long after watching it.

A not to be missed film for all the horror genre lovers, waiting to get few quality shocks from a master film-maker.  
Directed By Stanley Kubrick
Starring : Jack Nicholson & Others

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14 Jul 2008 / Comment ( 2 )

Hai Bobby,

Ya. Its a brilliant movie. Actually its a metaphor. The maze, the boy\'s rare communication gift (Shinning) and the typewriter ---perfect! I remember a Tamil Thriller (Kamal Starrer) in which he repeatedly says one word(Nothing) .The director is inspired by this movie only. The director is very brilliant. I read a lot of stuff regarding him. Amazing !

Thank you very much for recommending this movie.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Bavani,

I am glad my recommedation served as a good watching experience for you.
Looking forward for more comments from you....


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