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The Story of Thousand Marbles (Few Life Inspiring Words - 9)

01 Jan, 2011 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / FEW LIFE INSPIRING WORDS & POSITIVE SHARES

Starting fresh on the first day of this New Year 2011, I would like to greet and wish all my readers A Very Happy New Year with this immensely valuable story about an aging man, which teaches us all probably the most valuable lesson of our remaining lives.

Before starting, I would like to share that the story may be both enlightening as well as frightening for a few readers as it very boldly makes us realize the value of our gifted lives in a novel way. Yet it’s indeed a must read which might change the way we all are going to live our New Year from now on. So, here it goes with the title :

The Story of Thousand Marbles.

Tom was a wise man, working almost 60 hours a week to maintain the decent lifestyle of himself and his loving family. One day while cleaning his room’s old stuff he just got an idea out of the blue to do some arithmetic about LIFE. So he started thinking and wrote down the following rough calculation on a paper.

"The average person lives about seventy-five years in his life…………Yes, some do live more and some less, but let’s say that on an average, a person lives about seventy-five years.

Now if we multiply 75 with 52 weeks which we experience every year, then it comes to 3,900 in total. In other words there are 3,900 numbers of Saturdays that the average person sees in his entire lifetime.”

After reaching this calculation, Tom went on with it further and reached the more enlightening part of his exercise. Having the figure of 3900 Saturdays with him, Tom added on his paper,

“If I look back in time then I am now Fifty Five years old, according to which I have already lived 2860 Saturdays (55 X 52) without ever realizing it. Now, if I deduct these 2860 already passed Saturdays from the total of 3900, then it only comes to the number of around 1000.”

The last thought made Tom sit straight as he reached the conclusion that he has left only about 1000 Saturdays to live more.

Taking a note of it Tom at once went to a Toy Store, and bought every single marble they had. He had to visit three different toy stores to collect 1,000 marbles he needed. After having them all he went home and put them inside a large, clear plastic container and placed it in his study.

Every Saturday since then, he started taking one marble out of the container and threw it away. And with the passing time, as he watched the marbles diminishing in the container, Tom started focusing more on the really important things in his life and less on the others.

The exercise made Tom realize that there is nothing like watching your own allotted time here on this earth run out, reminding you to get your priorities straight.

The years passed on and then came the morning when Tom took the very last marble out of the container. Taking it out, he thought that, “If I make it until next Saturday then I have been given a little extra time from the ALMIGHTY on this earth.” Thinking that he right-away went upstairs and woke up his wife with a gentle kiss, "C'mon honey, I'm taking you out for a nice breakfast."

"What brought this on?" asked his wife with a surprising smile.

"Oh, nothing special, it's just been a long time since we spent a Saturday together. And hey, can we stop at a toy store while we're out?

“What for at a TOY STORE so early” questioned the lady.

Listening that, TOM had a big sweet smile on his face and replied,

“I need to buy some marbles."


When I first read this story, I couldn’t think anything for the next 5 minutes and went entirely blank with a complete silence inside myself. Remembering that precious silence I would not like to make any concluding comment on this story here and would like all my friends and well wishers to think and meditate upon this amazing story in their own inner way.

May we all spend our remaining time on this planet with more joy, love and affection. 


(Courtesy : From a subscription mail sent by Simpletruths.com about the book titled “Charging The Human Battery”)

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01 Jan 2011 / Comments ( 9 )
Nishant Nigam

Dear Bobby Sir,

A very Happy New Year to you,
Such a nice article posted by you.
Thanks a lot.

Hope you keep posting such inspiring articles.


Bobby Sing

Thanks Nishant and a Very Happy New Year to You and to your loved ones too........HIS BLESSINGS.

Rupinder lamba

Awakened........truly inspiring
Thnks for sharing.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Rupinder......This story changed a lot in me in a positive sense........I hope it does the same with my readers too....



Dear Mr.Bobby,
The story of thousands marbles is great article of vital importance and based on facts/reality.your aim to change the life of stiff and rude people is appriciable.
Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge and spirit.

Bobby Sing

Dear Rafiq Javaid,

I am really thankful for your regular appreciation and concern for the humanity. Thanks for this platform and ALMIGHTY who made us close to each other through the net.

As I feel you would be interested, I will like to inform you about another blog of mine, which though is a work started by a particular community but still its core message remains UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD.

If you wish, please read my articles there too. Its at www.gurmatdarshan.com

Waiting for you comments there.





Dear Mr.Bobby,
Your comments at www.gurmatdarshan.com \'\'If u are really skillful, then just draw a bigger line of your own to show your superiority over the others. But there is no need to effort fully rub off the line drawn by others to prove your own better and bigger\'\' are really inspiring and appreciable.

It is fact that treating people with respect makes the world a nicer place to live in,whether it\'s at home, at school or out in your community.And it\'s essay-all you have to do is treat people the way you like to have them treat you.
Be sensitive to other people\'s feelings and don\'t pressure someone to do something he/she doesn\'t want to do.
Show interest and appreciation for other people\'s cultures and backgrounds.




Hello Bobby,

Small and simple story with a Wonderful Message.

I think I need to implement this in order to get my life\'s priorities set.

Every now and the, I discuss about life and priorities with my wife. But I myself feel that I do not live as per the priorities. The invaluable time given to me by God is going in vain.

After every some days, God sends reminders in some shape.. Thanks for one more smashing reminder.

God Bless


Bobby Sing

Hi Jasmeet,
Thanks for reading and then applying the post in your own life.
And thats really a compliment brother and it indeed makes me feel great knowing that the post has started making a contirbution in life of many friends.

Thanks once again and Do Keep Visiting and writing in.



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