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The Verdict (1982) (Movies To See Before You Die - Court Room Drama)

31 Oct, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / Court Room

Movies based on ‘Courtroom Trials’ are mostly loved by the viewers due to their entertaining conflict between the two lawyers trying to prove their sides with some solid arguments in front of the jury. The genre also provides the performers a rare chance to showcase their actual talent in absence of any action, romance or energetic movements on the screen. And the proceedings within the court, coming up with new revealing turning points at regular intervals satisfy our grey cells too which in turn makes this genre mostly loved by everyone who is also a big fan of murder mysteries and thriller movies.

Perfectly matching the above description THE VERDICT is surely one of those worth watching court room dramas, which not only gives you enough thrilling entertainment through its surprising twists but which also has a career best performance from Paul Newman playing the ‘not in action’ drinking lawyer. The film is about a medical malpractice case filed against a medical institution and presents a find blend of sequences both within and outside the court directed exceptionally. It has an outstanding supporting cast which hugely enhances the brilliant performance of Paul Newman too. Particularly just watch out in the scenes when he goes silence or the final moment when he calmly delivers his concluding speech in the court.
Directed by Sidney Lumet, the man who gave us 12 ANGRY MEN and A DOG DAY AFTERNOON, THE VERDICT forcibly becomes a must watch if you are already a fan of the above two masterpieces also there in ‘Movies To See Before You Die” list at the site. In fact this remains Sidney’s best court room drama after that intense 12 ANGRY MEN made in 1957. Nominated for 5 major OSCAR Awards including the Best Actor, Best Actor in a Supporting role, Best Director and Best Picture in the year 1983, it is sure going to provide a thoroughly engrossing two hours for everyone loving this particular genre of ‘Court Room Dramas’. Incidentally, a major sequence of this film was also followed by an Indian Hindi movie made on the similar subject of medical malpractices titled NASOOR released in 1985 featuring Om Puri in the lead.
So if you really love to watch the interesting proceedings inside the court, being strongly affected by what happens outside it while the case is on, then you got to see THE VERDICT at the earliest as a favour to yourself. Moreover the film also proves to be an important project made on medical malpractices even after three decades of its release, because this horrendous evil found in such a noble profession has become even more visible around us today in the present insensitive society we are living in.

Directed by Sidney Lumet
Starring : Pawl Newman, Charlotte Rampling, Jack Warden and more.

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31 Oct 2012 / Comments ( 4 )
raj vardhan

Hello Sir!
thanks for reviewing this classic movie.I was very eagerly waiting for your comment on this movie.
Its one of my all time favourite movies.
One of my favourite actors,LATE PAUL NEWMAN is as always,brilliant in the movie.
I also liked Lindsay Crouse very much.She was absolutely fantastic in the climax scene,where Late James Mason is cross examining her.
All the other actors are also good.
Sidney Lumet\'s direction is superb.
All in all,a fantastic movie!

Bobby Sing

Thanks Raj Vardhan for your comment too and yes this is a true masterpiece. Especially for those who really love watching intese court room thrillers.

Dear Bobby,

Thanks for recommending this movie. Saw it, loved it. Made me a great fan of Paul Newman.

Bobby Sing

Glad that you liked it Suchith,
Keep Visiting and Writing in,

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