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The famous 'water-tank suicide' sequence in SHOLAY and its possible inspirations. (Did You Know - 70)
08 Jun, 2014 | Did You Know!

The Secret of Santa Vittoria

A lot has been already written, discussed and discovered about the epic creation SHOLAY and all the backstage stories associated with its making at various platforms. There are more than four distinctive articles written on the subject here at Bobbytalkscinema.com too (shared in the links below). And just when I thought that probably everything has already been disclosed about its possible inspirational sources till now, I once again got introduced to a scene from a western classic, having some huge similarities with the famous ‘Water tank – Suicide sequence’ of SHOLAY featuring Dharmendra climbing the big, high rise tank to get his demands approved.
The scene is there in an Oscar nominated film titled THE SECRET OF SANTA VITTORIA released in the year 1969, directed by Stanley Kramer. And just in the opening of the film only, we have the main protagonist, Anthony Quinn climbing on to the water tank with a wine bottle in hand, scaring a big crowd gathered on the ground, requesting & waiting for him to come down.
Now whether this has something to do with an exactly similar scene in Ramesh Sippy’s milestone creation SHOLAY or not, remains debatable. But no one can deny that some acute similarities are surely there between the said two sequences, unarguably.

At the time of writing this article, the scene could be seen at the following link :
(For all like-minded friends interested in reading more unknown facts about SHOLAY, please click the following links to amaze yourself.)

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08 Jun 2014 / Comments ( 4 )
Md Ezaz
This once again proves my point that each and everything in Bollywood movies(Music,Scenes,Story,Action,Dialogues etc) are copied from somewhere else.Mostly from unknown foreign old movies.

Some we know and some remains unknown.

Thats it.

Bobby Sing

Md. Ezaz,
Your thoughts are right only partially bro,
Cause at the same time we still have much original work being offered in the Industry itself.

But yes getting inspired and copying is much easier then creating some original content.



If so much is copied from here and there then people and u call it epic creation ?

Bobby Sing

Dear Mohsin,
Any creation becomes or is called an EPIC mainly due to the achievement it makes, the hearts it wins and the cult status it maintains after it is presented before the public as a final product.
And once it achieves all this its called an EPIC and then nobody cares from where its basic inspiration came from.

In other words, any maker does not and cannot make an EPIC himself, but its the end user, ie the public which turns the product into an EPIC.
So one might have got a great film made and lying in the cans for years, but it will be called an EPIC only after it is presented before the public for whom it was actually made and they give it a thumbs up, wholeheartedly

Plus there are two kind of EPIC movies,
One which make a fabulous impact at the box office on their release only like SHOLAY (after the initial hiccups)
Two the films which actually were flops, but later achieved a status of an epic in the coming decades like MERA NAAM JOKER, KAAGAZ KE PHOOL and more.

I hope I was able to make it clear.


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