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The only Hindi film cameo of our beloved JAGJIT SINGH in his original persona with a turban. (Did You Know - 69)
01 Jun, 2014 | Did You Know!

As many might be feeling surprised or pleasantly shocked reading the heading of this article, I was also in the same state when I first came to know about this rare fact just recently. And it was while researching for the only movie appearance of Noble Award winner Bertrand Russell in a 1967 Hindi film AMAN (made on world peace), that I got stuck on a particular scene wherein Rajendra Kumar was celebrating his final medical exam results with his college group.

Jagjit Singh in Aman - bobbytalkscinema.comNow one of those friends was a smart turbaned Sikh, with a familiar face and voice. So I kept thinking about who he could be and then went back to the film’s titles which had no mention of the supporting cast in details. But interestingly, IMDB page of the movie did have a mention of that person and it was written JAGJIT SINGH as Rajendra’s friend (Uncredited) which was truly a pleasant shocking surprise for me, a die-hard fan of the maestro, living in the misconception as if I knew almost all about the genius and his early works.
However, I still had my doubts thinking probably IMDB had done a mistake giving a wrong credit. So I went ahead to confirm the fact from some of my dear friends, who knew the master personally and were in touch with him always since long. And they all did confirm the cameo after checking it and I was pretty excited to share this amazingly rare info with all my friends here at BTC at the earliest.
Hence, yes it is our beloved musical man, the master of soothing melodies, the elegant ghazal exponent who will always be there in our hearts forever, in his only film cameo with his original persona of a Sikh.
And at the time of writing this article, the appearance could be seen at the following link in the scene coming at 10.05 minutes in the movie:
So do check it out and share this great info with all your friends too who still play the maestro’s ghazals in their dim lighted rooms all alone.

(Many Thanks to Rinnkie K. Gill for the confirmation & support.)

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01 Jun 2014 / Comments ( 14 )
Rohit Jain
Not the only cameo :-)
Bobby Sing

Dear Rohit Jain,
As written in the heading its, "The only cameo in his original persona with a turban."

So if he has also appeared as a Sikh in some other film too then please let me know.
It would be really great and a valuable contribution to the post indeed.

Would be waiting for your reply!


Naseeruddin Shah also did a little cameo in the same (the man behind the doctor's dead body)
Bobby Sing

Dear Zeeshan,
The mention of Naseeruddin Shah is right there at the IMDB page only above Jagjit Singh Saab's name. (at the link given in the article).

But I cannot just write that without finding it...........I tried hard to find it in the film but couldnt.
So if you do have that scene in which Naseer is standing right behind the Dead Doctor then do let me know and that would be really great.

(The link to the complete movie is also given in the article.)

Would be waiting for your reply eagerly.

prakash bhatia
Hi Bobbyji,
Just seen the last half an hour of AMAN to trace Naseer sorry to say I was unable to find him.I am quite familiar of his younger face as I have seen him acting in several plays during his stint with NSD.
Bobby Sing

Yeah Prakash Ji and I conveyed the same to Zeeshan too in the comments above.


prakash bhatia

Hi, Bobbyji
Hats off to you.
I won't call this a discovery but I think it is an invention. You have invented something which no one can dream of.
As far as Naseer is concerned I have serious doubt.Though I have seen this film in 1967 but do not recollect much and would definitely see it again .

Bobby Sing

Hi Prakash Ji,
The pleasure is really mine to share this rarest of rare kind of info which I just discovered while watching the said film.
And yes I also couldn't find Naseer in the end too.

Thanks for your kind appreciation and do share the link with all your friends loving the Ghazal maestro.

Keep visiting and writing in.


Dear Bobby,
First of all sorry as I reply after long time. Before I write the exact scene let me first write about that role. That was not actually a cameo but Naseer sahab's first ever appearance at the silver screen which was blink if you miss. That was uncredited role and after that same in Sapno ka Saudagar, Aan Baan and many more which even you can't find on wiki page till the first major role in Nishant and Manthan.

Now about Aman, if you follow the youtube link (which I actually noticed on) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4rZ4hSw28w) you will find him at 2:25:08 behind Baby Kavita Oberoi (Utika).


Bobby Sing

Dear Zeeshan,
This time IMDB has gone wrong as the person you have mentioned at the given time is certainly not Naseer without any confusion. Naseer Saab used to be too thin with a pointed face in those early years and the person standing behind is in fact one from the foreign cast only.


Neel Trivedi

Hi Bobby,

First of all, VERY interesting find and trivia! Hats off to you as I don't think even the the most avid movie buff would have ever known that Jagjit Singh was ever an extra in a movie.

Secondly, I remember watching an interview a few years ago in which Naseeruddin Shah himself admits that he was an extra in Aman. I am unable to locate the interview currently, but I'll look for it and see if I can find a link. (It was originally on YouTube but is now deleted).

To be fair, I haven't seen the film so I don't have any more information on it. It's possible that whatever scene he was in was deleted in during post-production.

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot for the praises Neel Trivedi and a very happy (belated) new year to you.

Neel Trivedi

Hey Bobby,

So the air is finally cleared with the whole Naseeruddin Shah mystery. In his new memoir, And Then One Day, he had this to say about his experience shooting Aman:

"Arriving at the verdant shooting spot, I was astounded by the size of the movie camera, and by how many people were attending to it...There was a sharp reminder not to grin and NOT to look into the lens....it was a funeral scene after all.

"It would be a while before Aman hit the screens and I HAD to know what I looked like up there...I had no luck. I was completely and absolutely missing from the film, not a trace anywhere at all."

Bobby Sing

Hi Neel,
Yes the confusion is all over.
But this was earlier also cleared by one of my friends at FB when he even sent me the shot of Naseer standing behind the dead body in one of the final shot of AMAN.
However the point is that the film available at Youtube probably doesnt have that particular shot for some reason and may be the DVD or other Home video version has got it.

And this only had initially started the confusion.
But thanks for quoting the man himself clearing it all.


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