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The rare, unheard antras of "Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din" from MERA NAAM JOKER (1970). (Did You Know - 54)

02 Sep, 2013 | Did You Know! / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

For a moment, if we try to visualize the creative process of making all those musical gems in our Golden Era of Hindi Cinema. Then for the lyrics writers it was a kind of regular norm to write more than the required number of stanzas (antra) for any one song, from which only the selected ones were later finalized by the director for his ultimate recording & the rest were simply left as not-required.
Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din - Rare StanzasSo where the listeners/viewers got only 3-4 stanzas of a song as recorded in its final take, the handbook of the lyrics writer used to have many more precious ones written with the same enthusiasm and love, which later either got lost or remained hidden in the personal archives of the maestros, quite sadly. However after many years, few of those unheard antras were occasionally revealed by few lyricists or singers themselves in their various programs which are surely like a real cherished treasure for all Hindi Film Music fans, undoubtedly.
And this write-up shares two more antras written by Hasrat Jaipuri for the immortal song “Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din” sung by Mukesh in the music direction of Shankar-Jaikishan for Raj Kapoor’s dream project MERA NAAM JOKER released in 1970.
“Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din,
Kehtey Thhey Teri Raah Mein, Nazron Ko Hum Bichhayenge,
Chaahe Kahin Bhi Tum Raho,
Chaahenge Tumko Umar Bhar, Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge.

Is Dil Ke Aashiyan Mein Ab……….., Unke Khyaal Reh Gaye,
Tod Ke Dil Woh Chal Diye…………., Hum Phir Akele Reh Gaye,

Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din……………………….!
Kehtey Thhey Teri Raah Mein, Nazron Ko Hum Bichhayenge,

Aandhiyan Gham Ki Yoon Chali………., Sapne Mere Bikhar Gaye,
Aansoo Bhi Mere Kehne Lage…………., Saathi Tere Kidhar Gaye,

Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din……………………….!
Kehtey Thhey Teri Raah Mein, Nazron Ko Hum Bichhayenge,

And following is my humble effort to contribute another stanza in the song as per the theme of MERA NAAM JOKER and it’s also a tribute to that divine blessed team of showman Raj Kapoor & his immensely gifted friends making such immortal gems together. And it goes as,
"Yeh Zindagi Bhi Bahaar Hai………., Sajde Mein Unke Yaar Hai,
Do Din To Humse Mil Gaye………….., Dil Ko Yahi Qaraar Hai”

Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din……………………….!
Kehtey Thhey Teri Raah Mein, Nazron Ko Hum Bichhayenge,

(Note : One of the above mentioned rare antras can be heard in the voice of Mukesh only at the following link for all interested friends)

(Thanks to Pinak Pani Pandey for inspiring me to write this article on the rare stanzas.)
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02 Sep 2013 / Comments ( 17 )
Pinak Pani Pandey

Thanks for bringing it to your site.


Bobby Sing

Thanks for inspiring me Pinak Pani Pandey and Keep Visiting.

chandan vishwakarma
This is classic, Thanks for sharing... :)
Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Chandan and keep visiting as there is lot more similar stuff coming soon.

Ashok Gaur

N I C E ...Yunus-Bhaai...
Realy.......RARE...Informative & Knowledgeful..
Pl..Continue..Regularly..for Readers/Viewers...
V Know U Have ...Lot of Stocks.. Thnx/Regards

Bobby Sing

Thanks Yunus Bhai for sharing the link at his Facebook wall and 
Thanks to Ashok Gaur for your appreciating words.

Do keep visiting as there is lot more coming soon.


Dear Bobby ji..
this is really invaluable and phenomenal.. I am really amazed at the efforts you have put in to gather the information..

Great job..

Bobby Sing

Thanks Dharmakirthi for your kind words and do keep visiting as there is a lot more to share with all like minded friends here about the Golden years of Hindi Film Music.

Hope you would enjoy many other posts at the site with more similar stuff and have a good time.


Dear Bobby Singh ji,
I am ardent fan of Raj Kapoor Saab and Mukeshji and sing their songs with lot of love and passion. Mera Naam Joker among other pictures of Raj Saab, like Sangam Shree 420, Aawara, Jis Desh..., Jagte Raho have been my all time favorites. Jane Kahan Gaye woh Din, song goes deep into my mind and I sing that Song in many family parties. I knew about Stanza "Iss Dil ke Aashyan mein.." and also 2 more stanzas as described in your articles but could not get if from even Nitinji whom I recently visited in Bombay.

Finally Keshwariji (daughter of Hasrat Jaipuri Saab) forwarded this article to me.

Recently I have recorded this unheard and unsug part of the Great song Jane Kahan Gaye woh din.... in USA in my Home Studio and would like to send it over to you for your comments. Your article helped me doing this and I am very grateful to you.

Bobby Sing

Dear Ratan Lillaney Ji,
Thanks a lot for visiting and writing in.
Was glad to know that my article could be of such help in your passion towards the maestros and their works.
Would love to hear your recording as I am too involved in the music world professionally since many years now.
So please do send them at my mail id : [email protected] and I would surely share my views on the same as desired.
Looking forward to hear it soon.



Very imotional song on rajkapoor saheb & sung by Mukeshji
I like this song very much.

Bobby Sing

It is an emotional song indeed.
Thanks for visiting and writing in.


srikant sardesai

touching heart, favourite song

Bobby Sing

Thanks for visiting and writing in, Srikant Sardesai.

Thanks for this useful information. Can you have a look at the following question?: What are all stanza of Jane Kaha Gaye Wo Din?
Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot for visiting and writing in. 
Regarding the other stanzas of the song, I will surely update the article as soon as I get info of any other stanza from a reliable source.
Keep Visiting.

Sanket Lade

Dearest Bobby ji, It is such a pleasure to have a person like you who has such deep knowledge about the Indian films & its music. The data that you have is truly precious & it is a feeling to be felt than put into words. I am overwhelmed to have found this treasure here. Thank u so much for the information. Also, like so many others, i too am a Indian Music lover & have a thing to share here. You of course would be well aware of this but i still would wish to mention. Talking about the shelved antras in our Hindi songs, there was a concert of our beloved & late. Shri Manna Dey in Bangalore where i heard him sing antras that were never heard before.

One of them was from the song, "Zindagi kaisi hai paheli" which went like this...."Dil mein yeh dil banke dhadke... Gaye toh na dekha jara mudke..... Reh gayi mann ki dagar pe..... Dhool si yaadon ki udke yahan... Zindagi... Kaisi hai paheli haye.....".

Another song was, "Pyar hua iqrar hua" where the unheard antra went like this..."Dil yeh kahe iss maang ko.... Main taaron se sawar doon... Tumse naya sansar loon.... Tumko naya sansar doon.... Chand aur Suraj, deep gagan ke, iss dharti pe utar doon....."It was a pleasure to hear them. The hunt to learn about more such unheard antras is on. Thank you Bobby ji. God bless you.

Bobby Sing

Dear Sankat Lade Ji,
Loved to read your detailed comment as it honestly gave me the much needed encouragement and support to continue doing the honest work.
And its really great to read about the unused antras of the two cult songs "Zindagi kaisi hai paheli" and "Pyar hua iqrar hua".

Please let me know if there is a link of that particular show or anyelse where we can find him singing these.
Would be eagerly waiting for your reply.

Ashok Singhal
Dear Bobby, great work! Kodos to all your efforts in sharing your knowledge and unearthing such gems. Raag Shivranjani is my favorite raag - it brings out the melonchaly in our lives. There is another unheard of stanza that I came across in a YouTube vidio: "Humne apna jaan kar Unko gale lagaya tha Patthar ko humne pooj kar Apna Khuda banaya tha" Cheers!
Bobby Sing

Dear Ashok Ji,
Thanks a lot for your kind appreciation.
If possible, please do share the link of that particular video with another stanza of the song. It will really help.

Sudarshan Dubey

Dear Sir,

It is really appreciable to bring forward this hidden treasure. I salute the efforts of all the music lovers like you who are caring for this. These beautiful creations of our legendaries should be well preserved so that can be saved from annonimity. Recently I heard these stanzas in the voice of Dr. Kamlesh Awasthi and was left speechless, what a beautiful rendition. Thank you a lot and all the music fraternity. Thanks.   

Bobby Sing

Dear Sudarshan Ji,
We all are trying and together we the writers, singers as well as the keen listeners have to sve this cultural heritage of ours for the next generations.
Thanks a lot for your encouraging comment and I hope you have noticed that the last verse in the article has been written by myself.

Durga bux singh

Dear Sir,

Really dil ko chhu gaya, bahut achcha laga baki antra dekhkar, ek ek word dil ko chhu jate hain, kripya ek antra aur jodne ka kasht karen.

JANE KAHAN GAYE WOH DIN...............

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Durga Ji for your kind appreciation and valuable comment adding another verse to the song.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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