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The smart move of presenting old cult compositions as fresh Punjabi film songs to the unaware viewers. (A BTC Exclusive by Bobby Sing)

03 Aug, 2016 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

In the last few years, we have repeatedly seen Hindi Film Music officially borrowing old hit Punjabi tracks from private albums/artists and presenting them before the audience as new melodious film songs playing a smart game. And the names include big ventures such as last decade’s LOVE AAJ KAL to the recent AIRLIFT and the latest BAAR BAAR DEKHO featuring Amar Arshi’s ‘Kala Chashma’.
(Click here to read in details about many recent borrowed Hindi film songs from Punjabi music)
Interestingly a similar kind of smart act can now be found in the soundtracks of few recent hit Punjabi films too, wherein a complete composition of a cult Punjabi track from the past is adapted for a fresh film song, but without any official credits given to its original creators.
Mentioning the most recent example in Punjabi Cinema, just a month back we had Diljit Dosanjh’s SARDAAR JI 2 having a well-made catchy track as ‘Poplin or Jatt Da Pajama” taking its entire composition from an immensely popular 90s song ‘Husna De Maalko” that was composed by veteran Charanjit Ahuja and sung by the renowned Sardool Sikandar in his private album with the same title. In fact “Husna De Maalko” was one of the most successful and highest selling album of that decade with all brilliant songs.
For reference just check :
Sardaar Ji 2’s “Poplin/Jatt Da Pajama”
and “Husna De Maalko” (featuring Yograj Singh in its video presentation)
Second instance is of the film receiving wide appreciation all over for its fabulous content and performances released just last Friday titled BAMBUKAT. And here we have two songs highly inspired from the cult tracks of the past. The title song “Koi Virla Hi Launda Note Bambukat Te” is again based on the composition of Charanjit Ahuja, sung by ‘Kaliyan Da Raja’ Kuldeep Manak as “Goli Maaro Eho Jahe Banuati Yaar De” in one of his famous private albums.
For reference :
Bambukat’s “Koi Viral Hi Launda Note Bambukat Te”
“Goli Maaro Eho Jahe Banuati Yaar De”
And the song “Kainthey Wala Pavey Boliyan” takes it all from Dilshad Akhtar’s famous song “Ghund Kad Lai Pataliye Naarey, Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya”, which ironically had its origin in Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's "Yaadan Vichhre Sajan Diyan Aayian"
For reference :
Bambukat’s “Kainthey Wala Pavey Boliyan”
Dilshad Akhtar’s “Ghund Kad Lai Pataliye Naarey, Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya”
Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s “Yaadan Vichhrey Sajan Diyan Aayian”
Incidentally both the above mentioned films SARDAAR JI 2 and BAMBUKAT have a common music director as Jatinder Shah.
Third in the list is an upcoming film 25 KILLE which also features probably the first ever ‘Single Take’ song in a Punjabi film as “Wah Oh Rabba Mereya” with music by Jaidev Kumar, that is completely based on a composition in which the Late Hazara Singh Ramta used to sing his immensely enjoyable comic poetry in the last century.
For reference :
25 Kille’s “Wah Oh Rabba Mereya”
“Ramta Navi Delhi Wich”
Continuing the trend in a different manner, another upcoming film MAIN TERI TU MERA has a song “Shama Pai Gayian” with music by Gurcharan Singh, taking its entire inspiration from a Pakistani singer Bushra Sadiq’s track “Aaja Ve Akhiyan Rondiyan”, which was earlier there on Youtube, but now has been taken off for some unknown reasons. And this particular track is a true gem to cherish, if you haven’t heard it before.
For reference :
Main Teri Tu Mera’s “Shama Pai Gayian”
and Bushra Sadiq’s
“Aa Ja Ve Akhiyan Rondiyan”
As a personal opinion, it’s really great if the music directors wish to make the present generation aware of our rich Punjabi music heritage by adapting these compositions as their fresh film songs enhanced with the new-age advancements. But deservingly mentioning the original source, would have certainly taken these inspired creations to a much higher respectable level unarguably.
(Note: Sharing the above instances, I did check the details posted at their official Youtube links but couldn’t find any mention of the original sources. So please do let me know if they are anywhere mentioned by the makers that I might have missed reading the long lists of the credits shared at their individual pages.)

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