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Timecrimes (Los Cronocrimenes) (Spanish - 2007) (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema / Suspense Thriller)

30 Mar, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

If you are a big fan of films based on ‘Time Travel’ and still haven’t seen TIMECRIMES, then you are surely missing one of the most innovative and well conceived films made on this exciting subject till date. In fact this Spanish classic proves itself to be different than any other film made in this particular genre mainly due to its highly confusing yet outstanding use of the Time Machine concept in a truly unique manner like never before.
Beginning with a loving couple moving to their new house, the film looks like a suspense crime thriller initially when its central character sees a naked girl lying on a rock through his binoculars and then goes on to see what she is up to in that lonely forest. But the moment he reaches the spot to search for the girl he had seen, the man gets caught in a vicious circle of misleading identities arising from a mysterious time travel experiment which fast becomes a teasing head turner for the viewers within the next half an hour beyond imagination.
The film basically rises above any other project in this particular genre because in here its main protagonist is not going back or ahead in time to a different era or year as expected. But here we have the time travel just limited to few hours only which actually causes all the mix up and chaos in the minds of the viewers as a welcome change. In other words its superbly conceived story progression simply makes you scratch your head and forces you to re-think about its unusual & extremely complex plot several times after the end credits start rolling on the screen. To give you an idea, the film neither depends on the support of a huge ensemble of cast nor it has any expensive science fiction sets with some great special effects. There is no blood gore or violence roped in for some extra thrills and it doesn’t have a love story plot either to give you all those relief moments. Yet it successfully manages to stand out exceptionally just on the basic of its fabulous writing, decent performances and a thoughtful direction talking about a unique, unpredictable plot without any unwanted scenes or dull moments.
Honestly, for many friends it may turn out to be a completely indecisive or unexplainable kind of film without any clear ending. But actually that remains the unique special point (USP) of the film as they say, since it aims only to leave you thinking and re-thinking about its basic plot just like the main character has to do in the film itself. So if you really want to experience how a time travel film can turn out to be a highly intelligent teasing puzzle then do watch TIMECRIMES as a must and try to solve the game with your thinking minds working on a repeat mode.
Director & Writer : Nacho Vigalondo
Starring : Karra Elejalde, Candela Fernandez, Barbara Goenaga

For more information : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0480669

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