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Titanic (1997) & Titanic (1943 - Germany) (Movies To See Before You Die - Historical / Adventure)

04 Jul, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / Historical

A movie buff doesn’t need to be told about the epic called TITANIC which re-wrote the box office history all over the world in 1997. Nominated in a record 14 major nominations in the Academy Awards of 1998, it won 11 out of them quite convincingly and is now also the first Best Picture Oscar winner, converted and re-released in 3D format after 15 long years of its initial release. Reportedly that was also done to commemorate the historic shocking event which happened on 15th April, 1912, in its 100th anniversary year i.e. 2012.

TITANIC, the ship of dreams which was also known as ‘Unsinkable’ started its journey in 10th April, 1912. But just after 4 days on 14th of April, the gigantic ship collided with an iceberg and then completely went into the sea at 2.20 in the morning on the 15th. The film is a realistic and memorable account of life in those few days on the ship in its different classes and sections. Though, it majorly revolves around many realistic depictions of many actual happenings on the Titanic, but its main storyline talks about a fictional love story emerging between Jack and Rose travelling on the ship in its third and upper classes respectively.

However, apart from this emotional & tragic love saga, TITANIC remains a must watch mainly for its incomparable execution with unbelievable kind of detailing gone into its each department of film-making. As reported, its director James Cameron got the idea of making this mammoth project after watching “A Night To Remember” (1958) which was also made on the same subject. And then he spent more than 4 years researching on the big ship and its ill fate to make one of the major ventures of both his own career and the world of cinema together.

Beginning with the actual footage of the departure of Titanic for its first and last journey, its not only a great disaster movie of all times made on a real accident, but can also be rated as one the best emotional love stories filmed on the celluloid. Mentioning many interesting trivia related to its making, the majority of the ship décor in the film was constructed under the supervision of researchers from the original company which furnished the ship back in 1912. To maintain an everlasting impact on the audience, at first James Cameron was not ready to include any song in the film, not even in its closing credits. But later after listening to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” he agreed to include it in the film’s end credits and the song went on to win the Best Original Song of the year at the Academy Awards.

One of the most famous scenes of the movie was the one where Jack makes a sketch of Rose lying on a couch with only a necklace on her body. And not many know that all those brilliant pictures in Jack’s sketchbook were actually made by the director James Cameron himself. Talking about its huge success TITANIC was the highest grossing film in the box office history before AVATAR broke its records which was also a film directed by James Cameron only. The film had such a long run at the theaters that it is said that Paramount had to replace its prints for the halls which were still running their worn out copies, following the demand. Further, related with the same fact, TITANIC was also the first film to be released on Home Video, while it was still being shown in the theaters.
Interestingly the stupendous success of the film also reminded the world of the three earlier films made on the same plot. The first and the most important one being a German film “Titanic” made in 1943 which was also banned for certain reasons. The film had many revealing facts disclosed in its script about the actual causes of the disaster which remained questionable (Including the scene of another ship which was just close to Titanic while it was sinking). And after this first controversial attempt the subject was once again adapted for a film with the same title “Titanic” in 1953 and later in “A Night To Remember” in 1958.
But if you really wish to know a lot more shocking stuff about the avoidable disaster then you got to see this 1943 German version of the incident as a must along with the new age classic of James Cameron in order to call yourself a real movie buff to be precise.

Written, Directed & Edited By James Cameron
Starring : Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane and more.

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